Fastest Ways to Get Money


Situations in life are different: sometimes you need only $300, but very urgently. The way out can be a solution similar to Triceloans, often with favorable interest rates. And below, we tell you how to improve your financial situation without loans and credits quickly.

Dog Walking

Walking dogs from two different owners simultaneously to make more money won’t work. You would need to walk the dog for 45-60 minutes; clean up after it, wash its paws, and feed it. On the walk, you must watch the dog’s interaction with other dogs and keep it in a muzzle and on a leash.

Love for animals and experience with dogs is desirable. Education and specialty are not necessary; a medical certificate is not needed.


You can earn good money at night and during rush hour: gasoline and car wash at the driver’s expense.

The cab service is unlikely to take on a part-time job — there is essential stability, but the aggregator can get a job. The difference between them is that the aggregator takes orders and gives them to free drivers. If you do not have your car, you can take it for rent.

According to a study by the University of California, only about 29% of people use ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft to get to work. This means that the vast majority of users are taking these services for other reasons, like running errands or going out for the night.

This creates a lot of instability for drivers, who are constantly having to hunt for fares. In contrast, taxi drivers have a much steadier source of income, as people will always need to be transported from one place to another.

As a result, it is far more likely that a cab driver will be able to take on a part-time job than an Uber or Lyft driver. This stability is one of the main reasons why people continue to use taxis, despite the higher cost.

You would need the ability to drive a car and customer orientation. In addition, you will most likely need to pass a medical examination and show a medical book — obligatory presence of a driver’s license. You also need a smartphone to download a program for work. Some companies may pay attention to the experience of working as a driver. Often earnings depend on the class of the car — the older and more straightforward, the less you can earn.


If there is experience, the hourly rate can be high. Your duties would be to explain to students the materials of the school program: English, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology. In addition, people are looking for tutors in school subjects and chess, programming, music, sculpting, and drawing classes.

Not only are tutors needed, but those who simply do homework with a child — high schoolers can also work. In addition, you can moonlight remotely, conducting classes on Skype or unique platforms.

Employers would need coherent speech, the ability to explain incomprehensible things, an understanding of the psychology of age, and citizenship. Usually, it requires teacher education, teaching experience, and knowledge of the subject.


This job also requires pedagogical experience, but not always. Sometimes you just look for someone with whom you can leave a baby for a while. Such work is unlikely to be found through an agency for a few days; stringent checks and placements exist. Responding to ads on social networks and in local groups is better.

Vacancies vary: sometimes you need to be fully engaged in the upbringing and development of a child; sometimes, you just need to look after him. There are vacancies for an attendant – you have to meet a child from school, feed him lunch and take him to class, then bring him home.

You would need the knowledge of child care regulations, responsibility, ability to control the situation, quick orientation, neatness, good speech, goodwill, the ability to find contact with the child, and experience communicating with children. Citizenship and residency in the city are also required. Sometimes you may be asked for a medical book.

Loader or Maintenance Person

Your duties would be carrying heavy loads, doing various carpentry and carpentry work, and cleaning up the area. It all depends on the specific job. For example, if you need a loader for removal, you may need to assemble and disassemble furniture and connect the stove or a washing machine.

The needed requirements are possession of power tools, the assembly-disassembly of furniture, attentiveness, accuracy, endurance, and gentle handling of goods.


Duties: washing dishes in cafes, restaurants, and canteens. It will be challenging to get a job for a few days, but you can try. The schedule is usually 2 / 2 or alternating day and night. A medical certificate is not required everywhere, but it will come in handy. The work is not difficult and does not require special skills. However, it is unsuitable for people with allergies to detergents and back diseases — to stand on their feet almost all day.

Skills and requirements are neatness, diligence, and knowledge of sanitary norms for processing dishes.

Actors for Extras

You have to do what the program editor says. For example, to make lines during filming, clap at certain moments, or perform simple actions in shows. In large cities, such work is easier to find. You can join thematic groups or look for such work on websites.

Skills and requirements are stamina, patience, and attentiveness. In addition, sometimes, the script may have specific appearance requirements, such as height, hair color, and clothing size.

The Man for the Hour

You would be solving household problems, such as hanging shelves, assembling the closet, fixing the bed, reinstalling the operating system on your computer, or fixing the leak under the bathtub.

You would be working with construction tools; computer literacy; knowledge of plumbing — depending on the task. Attention, accuracy.


You must hand out leaflets. Less often — to conduct surveys in shopping malls. The employer may also ask you to distribute flyers near entrances to put under the wipers of cars. You will have to walk or ride a bicycle or scooter.

Skills and requirements are communication skills, friendliness, attentiveness, accuracy, and knowledge of the rules of posting ads. The penalty for improper pasting will likely have to be paid from his pocket.



  1. Take pictures of holiday guests, facades, premises, interior, and goods in the store.
  2. Process photos in a computer program.
  3. Need your equipment, at least a digital camera.

Good if there is lighting equipment and other accessories.

Skills and requirements are understanding the rules of photography and photo processing, knowledge of the rules of working with light, the construction of the composition, framing, and the ability to work with Photoshop.

Car Washer

Duties would be washing cars inside and outside. I need to work with different materials: cloth, plastic, metal, and rubber. You can work day or night; it depends on the car wash schedule. Not suitable for people who are allergic to chemicals.

Skills and requirements are thoroughness, accuracy, attentiveness, communication, decency, and politeness. The ability to work with equipment will be a plus.

Secret Shopper

Come to a store, restaurant, or business with a tape recorder and behave according to a specific script. There is a list of questions to ask the salesperson or manager and items to pay attention to.

Skills and requirements are good memory, attention to detail, communication skills, the ability to behave naturally, punctuality, attentiveness, and neatness. In addition, I need a phone with a voice recorder and a good camera.

Tips for Choosing a Part-Time Job

Here are some great tips on how to pick a job:

  1. Be sure to check with your employer about your responsibilities, the amount of pay, and how you will make a transfer.
  2. Agreeing on payment at the end of each workday is more convenient.
  3. Consider the peculiarities of the work in advance.
  4. Record the facts of the work, and keep the correspondence.


You should only take up quick earnings in the field where you are a professional. In what areas does it happen? It all depends on the experience and skills that will help you do everything quickly and accurately.

Creative specialists or specialists in digital are in demand in the sector of additional earnings: they are ordered to make a presentation, create a design for a small layout, mount a simple video, set up contextual / targeting, and other advertising. The main criterion here is experience and professionalism. Without them in such a short time can only “fail” the work and ruin the reputation.

If you are a professional in your business and you already know what kind of work and in what time frame you are ready to do, the main question arises: how to find clients. Networking! If you’re already first-rate at something while working as a full-time employee, don’t be afraid to let your colleagues know that you’re now open to proposals for your subject matter.