Facial Hair Favorites: 5 Amazing Gift Ideas for the Bearded Man in Your Life


Did you know that a person who shaves their facial hair spends roughly 3,350 hours of their life in the bathroom? With facial hair styling becoming popular and more beard products entering the market, beard care products can make a fantastic gift that you can even personalize.

Keep reading to find some great gift ideas for that bearded special someone in your life.

  1. Pre-shave Oil

While beard oil might be the first thing you think of when looking at beard products, pre-shave oil tends to be overlooked. The shaving oil needs to be applied before the shaving cream to create a friction-free layer next to the skin. So if they struggle with razor bumps or irritation after shaving, you should consider gifting them a good pre-shave oil.

  1. Beard Kit

If the bearded person in your life is starting on their beard journey (or if you know what they need!), you should look at getting them a beard kit filled with all the essential beard care products and accessories. You can also put a kit together if you know their specific hair goals and tastes, as it is a great personalized gift.

  1. Monthly Beard Club

If you want a gift that just keeps giving, consider subscribing to a monthly beard product subscription. They’ll receive beard care products delivered to their door every single month. Plus, if you buy one like this club, they’ll be able to select the beard care products they want to receive (and also receive a few club benefits!).

This is also a good fit if you are unsure what product they’ll like or already have as they’ll be able to receive a wide variety of products that they might never have considered before.

  1. Facial Hair Trimming Bib

This gift might be more for you than the person in your life. Beard trimmings and hairs cluttering the sink and bathroom floors might just be the bane of your existence, but luckily you can avoid the problem by gifting them a beard trimming bib. The bib will catch all the clippings making a cleanup a breeze.

  1. Beard Brush

Yes, you read that right. A beard brush makes a great gift as it is used to train the beard follicles to lay a certain way and helps maximize the fullness of a beard. If your giftee already has a beard brush, you can either get them an upgrade (boar hair is one of the best materials for a beard brush) or look into getting an on-the-go beard comb.

Beard Care Gifts Made Easy

With the number of options when it comes to facial hair products, it can be confusing when trying to buy a gift, but hopefully, this guide gave you some ideas on how to spoil that special person. Beard care is a journey, and it might take some time to find the products and accessories they like, so giving them options to play around with will always be a good idea.

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