10 Best Educational Cartoon for Kids


Anime characters meant as the education cartoon for kids. They are simple drawings or a film, a kids learning videos with animation or a movie. Earlier cartoons for entertainment but now people use them for many purposes.

They are simple drawings or a film, a small video with animation or a movie. Earlier cartoons for entertainment but now people use them for many purposes.

Parents can use it for spreading awareness among people and educating their children. Cartoons help children to learn nursery rhymes, counting series, and alphabetical order.

It is a fun way to teach physical exercises through cartoon videos and guide kids to follow the same. Cartoons improve children’s vocabulary and are an inexpensive method to teach students.

Here is the list of 10 Best educational cartoon for kids

Dinosaur Train

A PBS show for kids to embrace the fascination of tiny tots with trains and dinosaurs. Dinosaur train revolves around the Pteranodon family and their four children.

Dinosaur trains meet a different dinosaur species, food, period they exist, and features. A paleontologist provides fun facts with entertainment that promotes creativity with bright colors.

The game transforms kids’ behavior that includes asking questions, exploring, investigating, and observations.

Word Party

The show with sweet and short episodes on Netflix helps young kids to learn vocabulary. A group of diaper-wearing baby animals teach new words to them. They  involve the audience by calling them “big kids“ and asking for help in learning new words. Kids learn the meaning and how to use the word.

Sesame Street

This is the list of the favorite shows for many years. This show features adorable cartoon characters with catchy tunes. The show streams the counting and letter of the day’s songs to make kids dance to the music that helps in easy learning.

This PBS teaches moral topics like sharing and kindness makes it perfect for all ages.

Ask the Storybots

A popular educational app-based show streamed on Netflix. A funny robot live behind the television screen to answer the questions of the curious kids.

They address questions in an interesting way for the kids like “Why is the sky blue? And answer with a catchy song and creative ways that grab the attention of the kids and make them rock n roll. This is a funny and interesting show!

Sid and Science Kids

This PBS show teaches kids about scientific discoveries in daily life through cartoons. A kid named Sid loves to explore the world and ask questions about it.

The show revolves around the classroom to learn new concepts.  Their teacher encourages them to investigate the environment and ask questions.

The educational cartoon creates an interest in science and discoveries among kids.

Nutri Ventures

A unique animated cartoon series for kids to foster healthy food habits. It encourages kids to eat nutritional food to boost their appetite.

The series focuses on teaching kids about the value of health in this era of fast food and junk reigns supreme. This show helps kids to eat healthy and nutritional food at an early stage.

Elena and Avalor

It is the story of a feisty but kind princess focused on teaching kids about the value of friends and family. Kids learn good values like honesty and kindness through adventures of the princess.

This series teaches kids to react in different situations to enable problem solving.

This show creates awareness and explores diversity. Kids can expand the concepts through songs, dance, and language.

Cyber Chase

Modern educational cartoon for kids with futuristic settings of imagination and developing creativity.

The show features a gang of brainiacs on adventure.  They solve obstacles and complex problems by using maths and analytical thinking.

This educational cartoon promotes:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Learning basic maths
  • Problem-solving skills through exploring space.

Super Why

This amazing show for kids of age 3–7 that teaches terms, letters, and communication skills. That brings joy to your home whether your toddler or a kid is ready to start going to school.

This show features a gang of kids going on an adventure with special reading abilities. It is an easy way to teach your kid for both parents and the young ones with adventure.


The show is about a group of friends Tyrone, Pablo, Austin, Tasha, and Uniqua. They share their love for exploration and incredible imaginations with kids above 4.

This educational cartoon creates to promote imagination, creative thinking, and other crucial skills.

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