Eco Town Hawaii


Hawaii is located in the tropics. It offers such a wonderful climate where rainbows, waterfalls, ocean waves, tropical fruits, and more combine to form an eco-wonder that arouses the senses. If you love nature, then an eco-resort is an obvious consideration when looking for accommodation in Hawaii. Eco resorts will make you experience the beauty of nature flowing all over every place you look.

Ecosystems of Hawaii

When you come to Hawaii and its ecosystem, you will quickly find that there are more than 7,000 known marine life species, including plants and animals. Just within its isolated and peaceful reefs, you can find over 1,200 species of marine life native to the soil. Hawaii’s unique ecosystems are one of the best in the world, and it includes but in no way is it limited to the following: Hawaiian Montane Bogs, Hawaiian Sophora-Myoporum Savanna (Parkland), Hawaiian Styphelia Heath Scrub

ESTA for international tourists

Esta Hawaii (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) makes it possible for travellers to enter the United States without visas for short-term, either for business or tourism purposes. There is no need to complete the ESTA authorization procedures if you travel to the United States on a valid visa issued by a U.S. embassy.

However, those travellers who are nationals of countries participating in the visa waiver program are exempted from visa application procedures. They may travel to the United States using the simplified ESTA authorization system. This is provided that they meet certain requirements regarding their purpose of travel and length of stay. Travelers who does not have a valid United States visa but are citizens of the 38 countries list under the visa waiver program can apply for ESTA.

Esta visa application is online. Submit your application 72 hours before departure. Apply online through the website. Jot down the application number so you can revisit your ESTA status or update your information. View your esta status – once your ESTA is authorized, it is valid for two years, and you can make many trips back to the United States during this time without having to reapply. You do not need to print off or take your ESTA data when you travel – it will be sent to your carrier.

Hawaiian kitchen

You will quickly find that as you visit this island, there are many traditional meals and cuisines. A good number of these foods came originally from settlers of the Polynesian islands in the Pacific. However, now the islands of Hawaii include various demographic of ethnicities, all putting in their flavours,


It is a traditional filler starch food in Hawaiian cuisine. This meal named Poi is a paste like substance that uses taro root in its ingredients. It is baked and pounded, or it can also be steamed and pounded. When it is being pounded, you will need to mix it in water, which will help it form its sticky structure.


Laulau is a traditional Hawaiian food made from taro leaves. Taro is a popular plant in Hawaii, Polynesia, and the Pacific islands.

Kalua pig

It is a pork dish cooked in an underground oven; the slow pork roasts, so it becomes very tender and maintains an amazing smoky flavour.


The meal named Poke is a regular Hawaiian meal eaten and enjoyed by all Hawaiians. It includes fishes sliced as thinly as those of Japanese sashimi. It is then served in bit sized cubes.

Lomi Salmon (lomi-lomi salmon)

The Lomi Salmon is not native to Hawaii but from the Pacific Islands. In this meal, fresh salmon is cured using salt. It is then chopped up in dice. Next, you will add chopped onions, tomatoes, and some chili pepper. The salty flavour of the salmon combined with tomatoes and onions gives a wonderful flavour.

Chicken long rice

The chicken long rice is a meal that contains mung bean noodles with chicken soup. Once cooked, it should turn out like a stew that looks slurpy. The noodles will be clear, and there will be chunks of chicken.

Fruit (like pineapple and lilikoi)

Obviously, Hawaii is home to Pineapples. It also houses a passion fruit which is natively called Lilikoi.

Climbing in Hawaii

Many tourists who have visited Hawaii are aware of different outdoor sports that await athletic tourists. One such activity is rock climbing, although Hawaii is famous for lava formations, cliff walls, and mountains. Oahu has many accessible rock-climbing locations; therefore, remember to take along your helmets, harnesses, shoes, and ropes when you visit Hawaii.

In Oahu, you will see lead and top rope climbing activities in Mokule’ia. This Mokule’ia is found on the northwest side of the island. It offers a rock face scaling of about a 90-foot cliff close to glowing coastlines and leafy vegetation. Usually, it should take around half an hour to go around the base of the climb. Some routes are easy and done by many people. Other routes are a bit complicate and technical, meaning they are more difficult but intriguing. And some routes are just pure classified.