Download the Latest Whatsapp Gb 8.0 With Excellent Features


Using multiple social media apps is a daily activity. People are just crazy about using social media platforms and also interested in the features. Millions of people are regularly using different types of social media apps on their Android and other smart phones.

However, now it is the most popular and demanded social media application for people is WhatsApp. The latest whatsapp gb 8.0 is also increasing its popularity among the audience, and people are much more fascinated with using the application.

Those who are using Android and iPhone or any other Smartphone users can install whatsapp gb 8.0 on their devices. However, to install these WhatsApp on a Smartphone successfully, there are some important steps that all users need to follow.

Thus we have come up with the most essential and beneficial steps to follow to install the application on the Smartphone quickly. This application has multiple features, and it provides more than 100 languages for its users to use. And to this special feature, it has become the most demandable application among the audience today.

How to download whatsapp gb 8.0

To help those people who want to install the latest version of WhatsApp on their smartphone quickly in their devices they can follow the below-mentioned steps correctly.

  • Users who are interested in installing the latest version of WhatsApp first need to download it
  • After that, the users need to install the latest WhatsApp version on their Android or Smartphone.
  • Then the users need to enter they are very good WhatsApp number and need to verify the number with the OTP.
  • And after they find the number correctly, the users can successfully use all the premium features of this popular and latest Whatsapp GB version on their Smartphone.

Best features of whatsapp gb 8.0

The craze among the audience of using the latest WhatsApp version is especially of its multiple features. Those who are also looking for the latest features that WhatsApp has added for their users can find out in this paragraph in detail.

1. Uninstall/remove your WhatsApp version

The latest WhatsApp provides multiple features for its users, and the most interesting feature of the latest version is that the users can remove or uninstall the version at any time.

It is totally the choice of the individual users whether they want to keep the latest version of WhatsApp is their Smartphone for a long time or a short time period. The easily removable feature of the latest Whatsapp makes it much more interesting and appealing for the audience.

2. Install v8.00 and Verify the number again

At the same time, the users can also again install the application on their Smartphone at any time by simply verifying the number. It will take just a few minutes for them to again verify the number and again to use the application on their device as well.

3. New App Icons

The latest feature of WhatsApp is that it has added numerous app icons for the users and the images are also very much excited to use them. According to the wishes of the users, they can change the app icons of WhatsApp at any time and can have some fun as well. This is another attractive feature of the application.

4. Added Missing Old emojis

Not only that, if any one of the users is missing out on the old emojis, then they can also find out those particular emojis on this latest version and can use them for various chats as well. Besides that, if you are fond of any kind of particular emojis, then you can also have them on this latest version.

5. Added Ignore Archived chats

On the other side, the users can also quickly ignore the archived chat and can separate them quickly as well. They can also have a quick look at all those ignored chats separately in the other section of this latest version of WhatsApp.

6. Added Feature To Know Deleted Status

Similarly, the users will also get another interesting feature which is they can get to know all the deleted WhatsApp statuses. It will be easier for them to have a quick look at all those deleted WhatsApp statuses by installing this latest version.

However, in the previous version of WhatsApp, this feature was not included. And after including the feature in the latest version, it has successfully drawn the attention of the users.

7. Pin group description to chat

This version also helps the users to create pin group descriptions to chat with their friends and other important people quickly through WhatsApp. Whenever you need to create a particular group with your friends or your colleagues, you can easily make the group.

8. Change Deleted message icon color

Besides that, another attractive feature of the latest WhatsApp version is that it helps the users to change the color of the deleted message with an icon. Therefore the chat section has become much more interesting and attractive for each WhatsApp user today.

9. Blue Tick After Reply

Not only that, but it also provides another feature for the users is having a blue tick after the reply. Therefore the users can easily understand who is giving replies or who is not. At the same time, it will clear all the confusion of the users smoothly.

10. Call Blocker

And the last feature of the latest WhatsApp version is that it will help all of the users to block the calls which they want to block. Without any kind of complications, they can easily use the feature of the Call Blocker and can quickly block the cause of unknown people on WhatsApp.


Therefore these are all the steps that you need to follow correctly to download whatsapp gb 8.0 on your Smartphone. However, we also added some important features that can make your experience better with this latest WhatsApp version.