Do You Need To Be Certified With Google To Run Paid Ad Campaigns?


Yes, you need to have a certificate with Google to run paid ad campaigns. So, getting certified with Google will become a Google ads specialist. Google ads are a must when you want to promote your business. You can reach people looking and browsing by using Google ads.

According to research, Google has the most percentage of shares in the world. This is because – Google ensures you reach 90% of the internet audience by displaying ads. But, most companies don’t know or have the experience to run advertising campaigns effectively with Google ads.

1. Understanding Google Ads

The first step is to understand how Google Ads works to become a specialist. We recommend you learn about search campaigns if you’re just getting started. You can then move to display campaigns and the other types you can manage in Google Ads once you have advanced search campaigns.

We suggest you start with a proper Google Ads course and make your Google Ads account with a minimum daily budget. It would be an investment for your future. King Kong is a great Google Ads specialist agency for you.

2. Become Google Ads Certified:

Once you’re done figuring out how Google Ads works, the next step is to get certified in Google Ads to become a Google Ads Specialist. Google provides several exams covering the different campaigns you can manage in your account. Once you’re done passing an exam, you can say you’re certified with Google Ads. Certifications include:

  • Apps Certification
  • Display Certification
  • Measurement Certification
  • Search Certification
  • Video Certification
  • Shopping Ads Certification

3. Keep up with Google Ads changes:

In Google Ads, there is always a possible new feature available to experiment with. You have to be updated with the changes as a Google Ads Specialist changes. When they don’t work out for others, you will find that some new features work well for certain clients.

Google Ads is all about experimenting. So if you are looking for Google Ads Specialists, you can choose King Kong Agency.

4. Collect Client Testimonials:

Collecting testimonials and feedback is important when you work with your clients’ accounts. Most clients will be open to sharing the best details about your campaigns’ improvements, while others won’t like to share their results.

The percentage of increased conversions and other necessary metrics mentioned in the details will also help. You can find good Google Ads specialists like King Kong.


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with everything you need to know about needing Google certification to run paid ad campaigns that we mentioned above after thorough research for you.

Google ads specialists help you maintain ad campaigns, so it is a great option to work with them. You are in the right place to work with a Google ads specialist. Google ads specialist has turned more accessible with the current resources available.