4 Simple Ways to Fix the COD Dev Error 6068


If you are a Call on Duty Warzone gamer then there might be a time when you will experience Dev Error 6068. This error affects the working of the application and affects the number of users using the application. If you are the one facing this error on your computer, then you are at the right place. Here in this post, we have mentioned different ways to fix the COD Warzone Dev Error 6068.

What is Dev Error 6068?

Call of Duty Warzone users can sometimes face problems and one of the most common errors faced is Dev Error 6068. This error occurs when your computer has an outdated gaming driver or when your Windows is corrupted.

People say that you can fix this problem after you have successfully reinstalled the application without making any changes. In simple words, this error can occur due to errors and bugs in the game files.

Unlike other COD errors, this error does not occur due to poor internet connection or other network-related issues.

Reasons for COD Warzone Dev Error 6068

There are various reasons that can cause the COD Dev Error 6068. Before you get started with fixing the error, you need to understand the reasons behind the same. So let us get started-

  1. Obsolete software

The computers running the latest version of Windows 10 are inclined to Dev Error 6068 when COD Warzone is installed. Ensure that your PC’s Operating System is completely refreshed when you need to play Warzone to appreciate the Geforce experience.

  1. Update your game drivers

Another reason for COD Dev Error 6068 is when you are using old game drivers. You can fix this error by updating your game driver. Guarantee that you check for GPU drivers whenever you’ve refreshed your PC’s OS and have a GeForce experience.

  1. Unknown and random game bug

Programming and games may experience irregular glitches and errors. There are chances that Warzone Dev Error 6068 can be because of random bugs in the actual game.

To reduce the chances of irregular bugs, you need to keep the PC’s software updates. This implies keeping the OS and graphics card running their latest version.

  1. Harmed game records

Harmed game files are another reason for Dev error. If Directx encounters an unknown error, then you might face the Dev Error 6068 on your PC. You might have to reinstall the game. Try to download the most recent version of the game. Likewise, open your task manager to check if the game has stopped surprisingly.

  1. Third-party gaming applications

A couple of Warzone gamers have revealed that they began to face Dev Error 6068 after introducing another application on their PC. If you are facing the error, then check if you have introduced any third-party gaming application. Trying deleting the third-party application from your system and check if the Warzone Dev Error 6068 is fixed or not.

Simple Ways to Fix the Dev Error 6068

Now that you know the reasons for the Dev error, you need to find ways to fix it. Here in this section, we have mentioned different methods that will help you to fix the error 6068. So let us get started.

Method 1: Install Updates

To fix the error Dev error 6068 you need to keep the product and game updated. You need to make sure the game, Windows OS, and the game drivers are updated from time to time.

Method 2: Modify the VideoMemoryScale Option

Another way to fix the error is by changing the VideoMemoryScale of the game. Here is how you should do it-

  • Open your file explorer.
  • Go to documents and look for Call of Duty Warfare.
  • Open adv_options.ini record using the notepad.
  • Find the line that says “VideoMemoryScale” and change the version 0.5.

Method 3: Force game to re-update

This method erases individual records inside the principle Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. Follow the steps to re-update the game.

  • Close the Call of Duty game, if it is running.
  • Browse to your primary Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. The default is typically situated in C:\Program Files (x86) but it can vary if you have set some other default path.
  • Once you’ve discovered the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder, open it.
  • Delete all documents inside the organizer aside from Blizzardbrowser, Data, and Main.
  • Restart the game by opening it from a battle.net customer.
  • Once you get an error of saying that the game is corrupt go ahead and update the game.

Method 4: Erase the Data Folder.

Another method to fix the Dev error is to erase the Data organizer and leaving the rest of the folders untouched. Here are the steps

  • Close Call of Duty Warzone game if it is running.
  • Browse to the main Call of Duty Modern Warfare installation folder. The default is typically situated in C:\Program Files (x86).
  • Open the the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder.
  • Delete the Data organizer.
  • Restart the game by dispatching it from Battle.net customer.
  • Once you start facing the error, continue with the update choice.


If you are a Call of Duty game lover, then there are times when you will face the Dev Error 6068. To play the game without any glitches, you need to fix the error and there are many reasons for the error. Some of the ways to fix the COD Dev Error 6068 are-

  1. Install the updates. Make sure your game, Windows OS, and the game drivers are updated from time to time.
  2. Modify the VideoMemoryScale Option
  3. Force game to re-update
  4. Erase the Data Folder.

Do let us know which one helped you in fixing the Dev Error 6068.