Best Christian Clothing Brands You Should Know Before Shopping


Are you a shopaholic? There are hundreds of brands to choose from. But do you know half of the population loves to wear Christian Clothing Brands? Nowadays, Christian Brands has seen great growth in the clothing industry.

About Christian Clothing Brands

For every function and occasion, there is a dress code that every person follows. Nowadays Christian clothing sector is getting recognized by many countries like in the United States and many more. The sales of Christian clothing are around $4.5 billion every year and the reason behind this is the demand among youngsters and teens. There are many Christian clothing brands available in the market.

Why Christian clothing brands are getting recognized?

The Christian clothing brands are getting recognized because many youngsters and teenagers start opting for this fashion and wearing these clothes in churches and worship. The Christian clothing brand is known for the influential method to witness the faith in god.

Best Christian Clothing Brands in all over the world

If you are also a big fan of Christian Clothing Brands and want to shop some good stuff this summer. So, don’t worry. We have covered the best brands you should know about.

1. Heavenly Family

Heavenly Family brand is a great fit if you’re looking for snug, oversized and classy pieces. Made from premium materials, Heavenly Family successfully manages to combine elegance and comfort while allowing you to showcase your faith with ease at all times. Heavenly Family keeps up with the current trends while putting their own unique spin on them making them a perfect for those looking to be on trend while not blending in the crowd. If you’re looking for a brand prone to discretion and charm this is the one for you. Based in Boston but established worldwide, they seek to motivate and push you and your entourage to work on your relationship with God while spreading His word.

2. Elly and Grace

Elly and grace are one of the popular women’s Christian Clothing Brands that have a collection of clothes such as spring, trending shirts, accessories, and much more. It has been in the market for few years with lots of unique designs, high-quality fabric, and cool prints.

 3. Shields of strength

If you are looking for fashionable, durable, and unique collections of clothing then shields of strength are one of the best stores you can choose for. The company started by printing scriptures on dog tags. With the exciting growth, the store has a vast collection of clothing from head to the toe.  You can find accessories, bags, fitness equipment, and much more here.

4. Sacrize

This brand offers clothing for women. It has the trendiest women Christian clothing like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies and it is a one-stop shop. If you want some attire for church meetings then their stylish black pants will be a great option and jeans for Sunday worship.

5. Beacon Threads

It is famous for its handmade clothes and with attractive quotes on t-shirts like ‘Addicted to Peace’ and many more; it comes in the best 10 Christian clothing brands for children. You can get tons of colors and homemade clothes. This brand is run by Brandan and Anita DeLoach.

6. Girl + GOD

If you want some clothes for women with quotes and messages then Girl + GOD is the right brand for you. The goal of this brand is to help Christian women with fashion and faith in god. It also offers prayer journals and other accessories.

7. Raised Brand Co.

This brands’ creator finds the idea for the clothing from the graffiti, hip hop, punk rock, and skate scenes. This brand has a mission to fund other kingdom-minded missions and to support their community and serve them.  Raised Brand Co. is hoping to make a space to attract young creators.

The style is not for everyone but surely it can fit your vibe.

8. All Glory Apparel

It is the only brand that sells athletic wear. It is an active Christian clothing brand. Some people wear their Christian apparel in Christian meeting while some wear in Sunday worship but with the help of this brand, now you can wear and take your faith in gyms too.

If you want to spread your faith while working out in gyms, then All Glory Apparel is a recommended option for you.

9. Hungry For Him

Hungry for Him gives confidence to the people who are unafraid and unashamed of sharing their faith and thoughts. Their clothing option comes in prints and color block solids that will make you look impressive and you can have been wearing your faith on your sleeves.

This brand’s quality is a little less as compared to the other mentioned brands but it is also one of the affordable Christian clothing brands available.

10. Agape Attire

It is a decent quality clothing brand. Their sweatshirts and shirts come with pretty loud logos which may look cool on the clothes but not on all outfits. With this brand, either you can get a t-shirt with a pretty large logo or just a plain t-shirt. There will be no in-between.

11. Jesus Loves You Co.

The Jesus Loves you Company’s mission is to introduce people to the love of Jesus and remind them about Jesus’ character. The team of this brand designs their clothes to grow the relationship and for the purpose to make a community.


Well, with the above information, now we know some of the best Christian Clothing brands that are available in the world. These clothing brands will help you to believe in Jesus and also offers stylish and quality attire for worship and church meetings.

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