CareLogic vs. Elation EHR – All You Need to Know


Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become essential to modern medicine and the healthcare system. However, an electronic health record is more than just a digital copy of a paper document. It’s also a way to track a patient’s overall health in real-time and send health information safely.

This article will compare Elation EHR and CareLogic EHR, two of the best EHR programs in the healthcare industry. We’ll talk more about each software, and what it can do so you can decide which one is best for you.

CareLogic EHR Software

CareLogic EHR is a robust system for human services and mental health. You can mainly use it for cardiology, family medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, multi-specialty obstetrics, and pediatrics. More than 300,000 health care workers use it in the US.

You can use CareLogic EHR to make SOAP notes, progress notes, and electronic prescriptions. Integrating with patient scheduling allows front-office staff reminders about appointments and book rooms. The billing module lets you determine an eligible claim, clean it up, and send it directly to the carrier.

CareLogic EHR Features

Treatment Planning

CareLogic EHR lets you make treatment plan templates and libraries that you can change to fit your needs. Planning treatments is a vital part of giving good care. The treatment plan module in CareLogic is very adaptable and speeds up the whole process. It also makes it easy to keep track of problems, goals, objectives, interventions, and activities.

Reporting and Analytics

You can get more out of your data. You can do much more to solve clinical, operational, and administrative problems if you can make data-based decisions.

CareLogic Enterprises makes it easier to manage data and make intelligent decisions by providing an extensive database of reports and dashboards that is constantly growing, as well as tools that let you create your reports, dashboards, and visualizations. During the CareLogic EHR demo, you can see how these things work.

Information Management

In other words, efficiency is the key to getting more done with less effort. A CareLogic Enterprise platform can help you devote more time to providing care and less time to managing it. Screening evaluations, claims, reimbursement, outcome instruments, treatment plans, patient records, and reports can all be handled within the same convenient interface.

CareLogic EHR Pricing

CareLogic EHR pricing information is kept confidential by the company. Accordingly, you should contact the provider directly to obtain a thorough pricing structure. You can also ask the vendor for the free CareLogic EHR demo.

Elation EHR Software

Elation is a SaaS platform that is web-based. Some of the essential parts of Elation are the premium support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online self-scheduling, e-fax, e-Rx and e-pcs, lab interfaces, a patient portal, and free implementation. Elation’s primary goal is to work as you think it should and flow with practice.

With Elation, you can work with other people. It is done through a smooth integration with the NPI database, saving you the trouble of looking up referrals and copying charts. In addition, the lab integration allows you to track lab values and see how they change over time. It lets you notice a trend quickly.

Elation EHR Features

Easily Accessible Patient Data

With the software’s collaborative features, doctors and other members of the care team, both internal and external, can see everything there is to know about the health of their patients.

According to Elation EHR reviews, it gives other providers in the network access to electronic patient records whenever they want. As a result, practitioners save time by sharing updates directly from the EHR. This lets other care team members know immediately to act on the most recent clinical information.

In addition, with on-demand access to patient information, practices no longer have to spend time faxing referrals, asking for records, or looking for lab results.


Through a seamless virtual care workflow powered by Zoom, the system has a telehealth solution that works on the same platform as in-person care. This feature lets you set up appointments for video, make your visit instructions and see patients virtually while you’re charting. Then, with just one click, the visit starts, and no other apps need to be downloaded.

According to Elation EHR reviews, the software automatically gives patients everything they need to join. For example, it has a three-panel view that lets doctors anchor the video feed so they can see the patient and talk to them while also charting.

In addition, the platform makes it easier to bill and get paid for virtual care by automating the documentation and coding. You can navigate through this feature during the Elation EHR demo.


Elation EHR works with labs and other software tools to give practices a complete solution that improves patient care and cuts down on manual work. Careful integration brings data to the point of care, so doctors can always get important clinical information about their patients and provide high-quality, proactive care.

Electronic orders and results fit well into workflows and make it easier for people to do their jobs. Integrations between clinical systems like ePrescribing and EPCS make it easier to give care.

Elation EHR Pricing

One of the ways to pay for the Elation EHR is through monthly membership. For the first month, EHR costs $349. With the Elation EHR demo, you can try out all of Elation’s features for free, which helps you understand what you’ll be buying.

Final Thoughts

CareLogic EHR and Elation EHR are both viable options, and the ideal one depends on your specific needs and goals for the practice. The good news is that you may get a demo of each software piece before purchasing it.

The demo will give you real-time hands-on experience with the software, allowing you to make an informed decision. In addition, you can learn about the software’s pros and cons by reading reviews written by people who are already using it.