Top 7 Car Suspension Parts and Its Functions


The suspension system is a series of parts that supports the vehicle when it moves on the road. The suspension parts help the vehicle to more smoothly without any disturbances.

These parts allow the vehicle to turn as you rotate the steering wheel and absorbs the shocks when you drive on speed breakers, bumps, and potholes.

The car suspension parts have multiple components. Here in this post, we have mentioned the different truck suspension parts and their functions. So let us get started.

1. Coil Springs

Coil springs absorb the impact when you drive over the speed breakers and holes on the road. In many cars, they use metal roads rather than springs.

On the other hand, in many vehicles, the springs bend on impact. Since the suspension part has coil springs, the driver and passenger do not feel much impact when they sit inside the car.

2. Tires and Wheels

The wheels and tires are the outer components of the car suspension parts. The tires are very important because it is the only part that touches the ground when the vehicle moves.

Every time you drive on the speed breaker, the tire has the most impact, and the braking, corning, and accelerating actions also impact the tires. It is the main reason why your tires are exposed to more wear and tear.

3. Shock Absorbers

They are the shock absorbers present in every car. Jointly with the coil springs, the impact of driving over potholes and bumps is reduced because of the shocks. It is the shock absorbers that stabilize the springs after they experience this impact.  Shocks are the important truck suspension parts.

4. Rods and Linkages

Many rods connect different parts of the suspension system. These are metal linkages that are highly durable and should last for a duration of the vehicle’s lifespan. The rod might fail when you get into an accident and suffers damage.

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5. Joints, Bearing, and Bushing

The bushings and bearings link the rods with other components of the car. It can do twisting and sliding movements. It is like the skeleton of the framed suspension. It holds the entire weight of the vehicle along with its components.

Car travelers need to be careful in carrying heavy luggage. A can weaken the frame. Frames are important to truck suspension parts and other container vehicles.

6. The Steering System

Although the steering system is not a direct component of the truck suspension parts, the two work together to make the wheels turn. The components such as linkages, tie rods, joints, wheels, and other suspension parts are controlled by the steering system.

7. Suspension Lift Kits

The entire car is elevated higher up from the axle and wheels of the vehicle with suspension lift kits. These kits raise the frame and body of the car by physically increasing the height of the vehicle’s suspension through various means.

The specifics of how this is accomplished are determined by the general design of the vehicle’s suspension and mechanical components. Suspension lift kits are often more intricate than body lift kits, resulting in higher costs and more difficult installation.

It is important to note that installing aftermarket suspension lift kits may affect the alignment and wear of other components such as mk6 golf headlights parts.


Car suspension parts are an important part of the vehicle. They make sure the car moves smoothly without any problem. So if you face any issues in the vehicle, make sure you check if the suspension parts are in good condition.

If any of the components are misconducting, replace them with new components for the proper functioning of the vehicle. It’s better to replace a single component than to replace the entire car later.