Best Micro ATM in India 2022


The Micro ATM/ Mini ATM machines are portable, small and hand-held devices that act as a complete ATM and are used to carry out the function of cash withdrawals by swiping the customer’s debit card.  One can convert their store to an ATM (Cash withdrawal center) by simply installing this machine starting from Rs.1999.

There are many companies in India that offers Micro ATM Machines however Biznext Micro ATM Machine is proved to be most loved amongst retailers for the following reasons:

  • High rate of commission

Biznext offers competitive commission to its associated retail partners which is usually higher than market rate which makes this company most loved in the industry

  • Easy joining procedure

Anyone can join Biznext by simple entering their phone number and OTP. However in order to start the business of micro ATM Machine, one needs to complete their E-KYC and after completing the process of E-KYC, they can order their micro ATM Machine from product panel on the left hand side.

This entire process would not take more than 15 minutes! Which means you can start your own business of cash withdrawal through mini ATM in just 15 minutes.

  • FREE retailer ID

Biznext is known for providing free retailer ID. which means that the company won’t charge you anything for being their agent.

  • Finest industry dashboard

Biznext has launched finest dashboard of the industry wherein any retailer/ distributor can check their daily/monthly/ yearly details with transaction volume and services along with their network details. Moreover there are various widgets in the dashboard that can help the retailer increase their earning.

  • Instant and real time commission

Biznext offers instant and real time commission to its associated retail partners. Which means you can get instant commission for every transaction in your wallet.

  • 10 rupees intervals withdrawals : Exclusive service by Biznext Micro ATM, not available in any other Micro ATM device is that money can be withdrawn in 10 rupees intervals. For eg, a customer can withdraw 110 or 120 rupees as per their need.

Here is how you can install a micro atm machine.

  • To install a micro atm machine, you have to download biznext mobile application from
  • Complete you login and kyc procedure
  • Order BiznextMicro ATM Machine or Mini ATM Machine from left handside product panel
  • The entire procedure of converting you store to a cash withdrawal point through micro atm machine would not take more than 15 minutes.
  • The machine will be couriered to you at the address provided by you.