Best Gender Neutral Toys Perfect for Your Exploring Child


Growing up, you may have always wondered why your sister had to play with makeup while your brother got to play with cars. It can be confusing for children to be aggressively gendered through toys!

Whether you’re buying toys for a baby shower or avoiding labels for your own child, there are many gender-neutral toys that you can turn to in order to deter your child from coming face-to-face with stereotypes.

Not sure why gender-neutral toys are good for kids or what toys you should choose for your little one? Keep reading for some of the good options.


Wooden or plastic blocks are one of the best gender-neutral toys, as all children can express their creativity and imagination through building structures or creating patterns.

They also encourage kids to refine their motor skills. Blocks are an easy way for any child to learn about balance, problem-solving skills, and develop an interest in building.


If your child is the outdoorsy type, bikes are an effective way for them to exert their energy. Children of all ages and across the gender spectrum love to bike. Biking can help your child develop motor skills and coordination.

Whether you opt for a traditional bicycle or choose from an array of 6V motorbikes, this is a great option for any child. Whether they bike by themselves or with friends, your child will appreciate their new ride.


When it comes to problem-solving skills, your kids will love the challenge that puzzles provide. Puzzles are also great for children to learn about patience and deter them from getting used to instant gratification.

Not only does putting a puzzle together give kids a reward in the end – seeing the picture they created – but it also gives them a chance to track their progress.

Art Supplies

If your child loves to create art with any material, investing in art supplies is a great way to encourage them to express themselves. From finger painting to paper mache, there are plenty of ways to create works of art.

Clay is one of the best gender-neutral toys for 4-year-olds as they don’t need the motor skills necessary to hold a pencil or paintbrush.

If your older child is an avid illustrator, giving them the necessary tools to create works of art can help them find a passion early on in life.

Choosing Gender-Neutral Toys, Simplified

Playing with toys impacts children’s development in a big way. Your child can develop vital life and motor skills. Also, traditional toys can cause children to internalize harmful stereotypes through the toys marketed towards them.

Remember, every child is different. Letting them grow into themselves through gender-neutral toys is a great way to ensure they feel comfortable and allows them to express autonomy in a safe and supervised manner.

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