Best Creative Uses of Artificial Grass


Artificial grass in the interior is a simple design solution, if only because it simultaneously serves as a bright accent and soothes. Using the example of 12 different interiors, they showed how to place artificial grass on the floor and walls to make it beautiful.

Green is natural and familiar to a person, therefore it is difficult to spoil the interior with such a color. And caring for artificial grass will not take more time than ordinary decor. Wet cleaning for wall compositions and vacuuming for “green” floors is enough. Plus, you can lay artificial grass on any surface, even a floor with bumps under such a coating will be invisible. You can easily buy the artificla grass by navigating to Pasto Sintetico.

Artificial grass in the interior of the yellow bedroom

IDEA # 1. Artificial grass instead of a headboard

If the interior of the bedroom has a decor that resembles a floral ornament or texture. For example, a wooden floor, wicker furniture or numerous textiles of beige, ocher (linen bed), etc., then a green headboard will surely fit in. If you are afraid to overdo it, then follow the rule: green is the main accent, and let all other shades in the room be calm (white or light gray walls and oatmeal-colored decor).

IDEA # 2. Artificial landscaping in a niche

The alcoves and alcoves, set up as seating areas, are great places to experiment with artificial grass. Firstly, it is pleasant to lean on such a coating. And secondly, niches usually do not take up a lot of space. Therefore, it will not be possible to “decorate” the interior too much, but to add a drop of freshness will work out for sure.

TIP: Greens are combined with dark brown furniture and brickwork. Therefore, even in a loft style, artificial grass accents look harmonious.

IDEA # 3. Artificial Grass Paintings

A cheap and quick way to decorate an empty wall is to frame artificial grass. Wooden frames work best. Artificial grass paintings can be tricky decor, but also solve specific design problems. For example, add warmth to an interior that is too gray, cold or dark.

IDEA # 4. Artificial grass on decorative brick walls

Red, brown and beige brick are natural shades, next to which the same natural green looks good. In addition, artificial grass compensates for the excessive severity of the brick in the interior. And look at the photo, how the green installation is combined with a purple velvet sofa and a blue wardrobe.

Look for the right combination of green with other shades in nature. For example, purple hyacinth creates a contrasting combination with a bright green stem. Or a red rowan tree around green leaves. So in the interior, choose a background that combines all the shades and add bright accents. For example, on a gray wall, make a painting of fake grass and place a deep red vase next to it.

We hope the information we have shared in this article was helpful and relevant.