Best 5 Resources for Teaching Fractions in the Classroom


Around 50% of the U.S population have math anxiety and most of these feelings began when they were children.

Fractions, for example, are a major obstacle for children, but it’s an essential skill that is carried over into adulthood. But figuring out how to teach little ones everything about fractions can feel overwhelming, especially if the group becomes disheartened. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re struggling to make the world of fractions engaging and are searching for inspiration.

Hit the nail on the head? Luckily; we’ve got you! Here are the best resources for teaching fractions.

1. Use Visual Cues

If you’re unsure how to teach fractions, use visual cues to make it easier for the kids to understand.

You should hand out grid paper or use an interactive whiteboard to show how basic fractions work. Make sure you get the kids to follow along as it keeps them engaged. Or, if you have little time, show kids how a fraction chart works.

2. Take a Hands-on Approach

Like every area of Math, taking a hands-on approach is a must, especially when teaching fractions. This is because fractions are an abstract concept, so help the kids visualize them.

You can start by buying fraction kits and helping kids build them until they understand how it works.

3. Play Educational Videos

Looking for the best way to teach fractions? Then, try using educational videos to help kids visualize it.

There are many fantastic YouTube channels for teaching this subject, such as Squeebles Fractions and Homeschool Pop.

4. Find Fraction-Related Games

Parents or teachers looking for fun ways to teach fractions should find relevant games. The beauty of this method is it engages kids while giving them visual cues, which is essential when you’re dealing with a difficult topic.

If you can’t afford flashy games, grab a box of dominoes and use the opposing sections to be fractions. Depending on their skill level and age, ask kids to compare, add, and match fractions, so they have a basic understanding.

You can also teach fractions using chocolate, such as a Hershey’s candy bar. Break it into two separate chunks and show how it’s unequal. Then, work with the kids so they understand how to use fractions and create a fair share.

5. Provide Worksheets

Another effective resource is handing out worksheets to the kids. There are plenty of free ones available online or flex your creative skills and create your own. Once you’ve marked each one, ask the kids to figure out where they went wrong and teach them the right method.

Best Resources for Teaching Fractions

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re now a whiz at teaching fractions to kids.

There are many fantastic resources available, such as using a range of visual cues and turning the lesson into an enjoyable game. Parents and teachers can also play fraction-related videos and hand out worksheets to engage the little ones. Good luck with your lesson!

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