Are Rugged Smartphones Worth the Money?


Are you on the lookout for a new smartphone?

By any chance do you need a new smartphone because your previous one got seriously damaged? If so, you might have considered looking at rugged smartphones.

These are smartphones that have extra durability than their competitors. They last longer than most smartphones and can withstand the damage.

But are rugged phones worth it?

Here are our thoughts on these tough phones?

What to Look For With Rugged Smartphones

Many smartphone manufacturers have taken notice of how common it’s become to drop and damage a smartphone.

As a result, many of them have released new models meant to withstand severe damage. They might even bump up the price to accommodate for this durability technology.

You have to look at the outer case for the smartphone to analyze its material. It should have a firm rubber coating to avoid damage. Without this coating, it’ll easily crack at even the slightest drop.

Assessing Ruggedness

So what makes these tough phones stand out from other tough phones? You want to research the durability of a rugged smartphone by looking at various consumer review websites.

You want to look at the “IP” score of each of the tough phones you’re considering. The higher the score, the more durable the phone is.

At a minimum, you want to choose rugged smartphones that meet an IP score of at least 60. If it goes above 80 then it’ll be incredibly durable but there’ll also be a serious price hike.

You should only consider making this extra financial investment if you drop your phone more than the average person! If you have a long history of dropping smartphones then you can justify buying tough phones with an IP score above 80.

Best Practices

Now let’s wrap up with some of the best practices to ensure you prevent dropping or damaging your smartphone.

You want to always buy a case no matter how durable your smartphone is. Consider this SUPCASE collection for your next smartphone purchase.

You should also install a pop socket on the back of your smartphone. This is a great way to grip your smartphone without having to hold onto the sides. Often, the sides of the smartphone can become greasy and this makes it prone to drop.

You can also keep a handkerchief or other protective cloth by your smartphone. When you take your smartphone out of your pocket or bag you should grip it with this cloth. This makes it easier to grip and harder to drop.

Buy These Rugged Smartphones

Now you know the benefits of rugged smartphones and why these might be worth it if you drop your phone often.

Cheap rugged smartphones are available and work best for the average consumer. The price hike is worth it only if you drop your smartphone more than average.

You should also consider buying a smartphone case no matter how durable your smartphone is. Use our best practices as a guide to reduce the likelihood of you dropping your smartphone.

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