Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accident


Motor vehicle accidents are not always purely accidental. Sometimes, they are the result of a driver’s reckless driving. A lot of people think they do not need a car accident lawyer because they did nothing wrong and the other party involved was 100% at fault for the car accident.

However, the law might not be what they expected or their version of events might differ to that of the other driver or any witnesses that come forward to give evidence about the event.

How do I Best Protect my Legal Position?

To best protect your position you should strongly consider having a car accident injury lawyer Perth by your side to assist you through what can be a very stressful and confusing period of your life. The best car accident injury claim lawyers regularly assist clients with their claims by gathering the necessary evidence to ensure that their client receives the maximum compensation payment available for their car crash compensation claim.

Personal injury lawyers who assist clients with car accident injury claims usually offer to work on a no-win-no-fee basis which means that their clients will only need to pay their legal fees if their claim is successful.

The most helpful lawyers will even agree to cap their fees at 10 % of a client’s compensation to give them certainty in the outcome and of course the peace of mind of knowing that there will be no nasty surprise of an unexpectedly large bill at the end of the matter which means what they walk away with in their hand is substantially reduced after their legal fees have been paid.

Can a Car Accident Lawyer Reduce the Burden on me?

After a car accident you may have to visit a hospital, your doctor or other medical practitioners to have your car accident injuries assessed and or for rehabilitation.  You might also need to take your motor vehicle to a garage for repairs or you may have to take a leave of absence or be restricted in your ability to work in the future as a result of your injuries.

Your car accident lawyer protects your rights whilst allowing you to focus on the things that matter the most during this time which is your health, your recovery and your ability to spend time with your family during this difficult time.

Will the Lawyer Help me Determine the Amount of Compensation That I am Eligible to Receive?

Not many people are aware of how much compensation they are entitled to be paid for after a car accident. They may have received bills from the hospital or got an estimation of the amount they need to fix their car.

You can file claims for various damages depending on the extent of the injuries and losses that you have suffered in the motor vehicle accident.

An experienced car accident lawyer will know what evidence is required to be gathered in support of your claim.  They will know that you are entitled to compensation for things such as the following:

  • The costs of repairing the property damage to your motor vehicle.
  • The depreciated value of your motor vehicle as a result of the fact that it has been involved in a car accident.
  • The hire car charges that you incurred in needing to hire a car during the period in which your vehicle was being repaired.
  • Your loss of income during any periods of time that you were unable to work whilst you were incapacitated due to your injuries and during the time you were receiving medical treatment.  Compensation for past loss of income and any likely future loss of income is claimable.
  • The pain and suffering and any loss of amenities that you suffered as a result of the car accident and your injuries.  You may have suffered both physical and psychological injuries as a result of the motor vehicle accident and appropriate compensation should be paid to you for these heads of damages.
  • You will no doubt have had to pay for medical treatment expenses in the past for treatment of your injuries and will might require treatment in the future.  Such treatment might be provided by the hospital, your doctor, your physiotherapist, your orthopaedic surgeon, your neurosurgeon, your plastic surgeon, your chiropractor, your massage therapist and other alternative health providers. You should be compensated appropriately for your past medical expenses and an allowance should be made for your anticipated future medical treatment expenses.

Your lawyer has the necessary training, skills, expertise and experience to be in the best position to calculate the appropriate amount of compensation to claim from the at-fault driver and or their insurance company.

How Can I Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer to Assist me With my Claim?

Finding the best car accident lawyer is a much easier task these days due to the internet. You can search “car accident lawyer” and you will see many law firm’s listings will be shown in your area.

You should read the information that is contained on the law firm’s website and the reviews from past clients to narrow your selection.  It is often also a good idea to conduct a search of the law firm’s name and the name of the lawyer who would be assisting by way of your due diligence.

You can also often meet with the lawyers for a free, no obligation to discuss your car accident claim which will allow you the opportunity to ascertain whether they are the sort of law firm you wish to work with ion your claim.

For example, do you feel comfortable talking to them, do they listen to you when you are speaking, do they seem to have empathy towards your situation, do they have good manners and conduct themselves in a respectful way.  All of these things will assist you with making your decision.

Should I Choose a Large Law Firm or a Small Boutique Law Firm?

A large law firm often has significant people resources which can be advantageous.  However, your claim might be handled by a junior less experienced lawyer.  Whereas with a small boutique law firm your claim will more often likely be handled by a senior legal practitioner with the assistance of some paralegals of law clerks.

You can ask the law firms about who will be handling your claim and whether a senior lawyer will be available to take your telephone calls and answer your questions when you have some.

At the end of the day try to choose a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable, who is experienced, who will be available to answers your questions and who you are happy to be working with for what is likely to be a long period of time, as claims usually take many months and sometimes even years to be finalized.

In other words, try to pick a lawyer that you like and feel comfortable around as you might be sending a lot of time working together.

Good luck with your car accident property damage and injury compensation claim