Anonymous Posting Leads to Positive Dialogue


Today, many websites and forums give writers the opportunity to publish their writing anonymously. The Doe is considered one of the most prominent of these sites.

Did you know that Internet users send at least 15,000 daily anonymous messages via e-mail? This is proof that people are concerned about anonymity!

Several countries around the world allow citizens to publish online without having to reveal their true identities. For example, the United States protects the right of citizens to express their opinions online without revealing their true identity. This right is protected by legislation in countries, as Congress pledged in the past not to pass any law that would limit freedom of expression in any form.

And if the question is: Do we really need to hide our identity? The answer will definitely be yes!

Anonymity is very important to writers because it provides protection for them. When a certain text is published. For example, a person may publish an article to criticize a specific issue or service, without anyone knowing the author of the text. If the writer is forced to mention his/ her name, this might prevent us from reading such articles. This is why we stand up for the right to remain anonymous. Because a person may feel freer to say what he wants.

Anonymity allows people to express their opinion on sensitive topics. Especially if the society is conservative, which threatens the safety of the writer. This will lead to the creation of a dialogue among the individuals of society or among the people of the world as a whole. Thus, anonymous posting leads to positive dialogue. Most people were able to discuss several issues and experiences like sexual harassment, racism, and assault. Some are afraid to seek the help of the proper authorities, like lawyer, for instance, which made concealing the author’s personal data of utmost importance as they can have a “safe space” to talk about these things.

Posting anonymously allows the writer to publish his/ her comments or notes without fear of being bullied for his/ her ideas. Sometimes the writer might inspire the community to advance in all aspects of life.

People’s fear of commenting on many topics leads to a loss of new ideas that can enrich society. When a writer publishes a text anonymously, he/ she will feel honest and comfortable and may speak in a confident tone while talking about things.

Sometimes a writer may feel anxious about revealing his/ her ideas to others. Conversation face to face with others can be difficult for many people. But there is always an opportunity to express your opinions through hidden posting. Do not hide your thoughts!

Sometimes, some medical professionals ask patients to anonymously publish information about their problems on some websites. This helps them interact with others and get support. This is a piece of excellent advice for those who are afraid to talk about their problems in public.

Anonymity makes people participate in the process of spreading ideas and suggesting possible solutions to solve problems that societies face today.

After all, freedom of expression is a must. It helps us to express new ideas and talk about different problems that are not known by other people. These ideas are very important to everyone. Posting anonymously will remain an important advantage that should not be abandoned.