Common Acer Laptop Problems and their solution


A quantity of human beings very owns an Acer pc. The organization offers great pleasant laptops to the customers with an inexpensive fee tag. Hence, customers are continually prepared to shop for Acer laptops.

But a number of the customers are startling that their Acer pc might not flip on. Even though that is an everyday difficulty, its results can bring about information loss. This difficulty may become about because of some of the motives which include virus or malware attack, software program difficulty, hardware failure, and plenty of greater such motives.

Also, understanding those Acer Laptop problems in unusual place troubles let you recognize what goes on if our pc is malfunctioning. If your pc is going for walks slow, make sure to comply with app valley those steps to hurry up your laptop earlier than you blame the laptop brand.

Sometimes it’s far higher to shop for a new pc for the equal cash which you could spend on a pc repair. Below are a number of the not unusual place problems related to ACER pc and a way to take care of them.

How to fix Acer Laptop Problems?

Having troubles together along with your pc powering on?

  • No Battery Detection

Check to make certain your battery % is hooked up efficaciously. If this doesn’t restore the problem, you have to make certain there aren’t bent pins wherein the battery is placed.

The battery will also be undetectable because of the pc inner connections. If that is the case, it’d be satisfactory any case you begin searching out a brand-new pc.

  • Drained/Bad Battery

If your battery is attached efficaciously, however, has no rate, plug within side the strength twine to rate the battery. Wait some seconds after plugging it in to make certain modern-day is flowing, after which activate,e your pc. To see if the battery is keeping rate, take away the strength plug after approximately 20 mins and restart the computer. If it restarts efficaciously then the battery is keeping a rate. If now no longer, observe our manual to update the battery.

  • No Indicator Light

If you recognize the battery works then take it out, and preserve down the strength button for 20 seconds (tip from Acer website). Next positioned the battery again and plug within side the strength twine. The orange charging mild has to activate. Once the blue charged mild comes on, attempt to show in your pc. If this nonetheless does now no longer paintings you could want to update the motherboard.

  • Display Issues

Computer Showing handiest a Black Screen

If your laptop is handiest displaying a black display whilst you begin you can have a virus. You will want to run a malware software program until you do now no longer want the statistics this is saved for your computer.

If that is the case, you may begin your computer and retain taping the F8 key. A menu has to arise and pick out the repair. Click good enough and subsequent till you get to a display wherein you select recovery management. This will repair your laptop to manufacturing facility defaults, however, it’ll delete all your statistics.

  • Broken Display

If your indicator mild is becoming on and your battery is detected and charged, then it can be feasible that your show, is broken.

  • Overheating

Too Many Programs Running

The computer can frequently overheat due to the fact its miles being overworked. To test if that is the case, near any open programs, and restart the computer. Wait a couple of minutes and if the noise of the fan is decreased then your trouble is solved. If your computer overheats and turns off without the fan turning on strive for the subsequent solutions.

  • Fan Not Functioning

This is frequently the maximum not unusual place motive for overheating.

First you need to take a look at if that is the case. To do this, flip off the pc, turn it over, after which flip it returned on. If you do not listen the fan begin operating this imply the fan processor isn’t functioning and you’ll want to update it.

  • Clogged Fan Processor

The fan may also get clogged and forestall functioning because of a set of dust. To restore this primary unplug all cables and do away with the plastic cover. Blow compressed air into the fan and do away with all of the dust. Place the quilt returned on and reconnect all cables.

Note: To keep away from this, area your pc on difficult surfaces to permit air from the fan to nicely ventilate.

  • Volume Control Problems

Check in case your extent is muted through proper clicking at the speaker icon withinside the backside proper hand nook of the assignment bar and dragging the extent manipulate up or unchecking the mute button.

If that doesn’t restore the hassle, proper click on at the speaker icon and visit the superior options. This will carry up a speaker person interface which may be changed to unique speaker settings. Make sure ‘pc speakers’ are decided on because the speaker alternative and be given or follow all modifications made.

Another viable hassle will be your sound pressure or sound card which may also want changing or updating of the driving force for the card.

Performance Issues/Slow Computer

  • RAM Issues

If your pc is sluggish and having problem appearing it is probably a RAM issue. To take a look at this visit mission supervisor and choose the Performance tab. This will display you your reminiscence usage. If your reminiscence is complete, first restart your pc and this need to restart your reminiscence.

If your reminiscence remains complete it could be vital update the RAM.

  • Hard Drive Full

If the complete area of your tough pressure is complete, your pc will pull up files slower, and the general velocity and overall performance of your processors will decrease. You can take a look at the used area of your tough pressure with the aid of using clicking at the pc tab within side the manipulate panel or files page.

Then at the lowest it’ll show how lots reminiscence has been used and the way lots ‘loose area’ you’ve got got left for your tough pressure. If the tough pressure is complete you could want to put off packages and files or you’ll be required to update it with a bigger Hard Drive.

  • CD/DVD Reading Problems

The Optical Drive reads CD’s and DVDs on your pc to show them. Some not unusual place troubles might also additionally consist of not able to study the disk, troubles ultimate optical pressure, and getting small objects caught withinside the optical pressure.

When the use of the Optical Drive ensures the disk, you’re the use of is orientated correctly (accurate aspect dealing with up). You can observe our publications to put off the optical pressure, and update it with a brand new one or easy it for higher use.

  • Stretched Images on Widescreen Acer Laptop & USB Port Failure

Sometimes, the USB ports at the ACER pc fail to paintings. You can try and treatment the problem through reinstalling the drivers. However, if this doesn’t paintings then you may want to take it to an professional for pc repair.

  • Computer Motherboard Failure

If your ACER pc will now no longer activate and it isn’t due to the fact the battery is dead, then you can have a failing motherboard. If this takes place and the guarantee is expired, you may want to have your pc repaired through a professional.

However, earlier than you are taking it to get fixed, you may need to ensure that the battery is charged and is able to maintaining a charge. You don’t need to ought to pay for pc maintenance simplest to discover that everyone you want is a brand-new battery.

  • Black Laptop Screen

A few customers of ACER PCs have introduced getting a darkish display on their PC. This is generally as a result of a copied our LCD backdrop illumination. This is a easy fix. Nonetheless, some customers botch a darkish display from a copied-out LCD backdrop illumination for an problem as a result of an infection.

You can test no matter whether or not it’s miles a backdrop illumination problem through squeezing the Fn and the F6 catches withinside the meantime. This order kills the backdrop illumination on and. Sometime the use of chairs to running laptops to be able to dangerous to our frame however the use of crimson bed bargain codes you may sense very comfortable & reliable.

  • HDD Issues

The HDD is the Hard Disk Drive. Some ACER pc has been recognized to have tough disk drives that fail to locate the disc. The click on of death, as a few name it, is every other problem with the HDD.

This is not unusual place with a number of the more recent fashions wherein the power makes a variety of clicking sounds as it can’t maintain the best velocity with the disc. The answer for both of those issues is changing the HDD.

ACER Laptop Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Frozen Mouse

Press at the Fn button withinside the backside left nook of the mousepad on the equal time as F7 at the pinnacle of the screen.  This needs to restoration it.

  • Numbers rather than Letters

Press at the Fn button withinside the backside left nook of the mousepad on the equal time as F11 at the pinnacle of the screen.  That will restoration the problems.