A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install a Metal Carport


According to the 2019 Census Bureau Survey of Construction, only about 7% of new homes are built without either garages or carports. So if you’re going to be buying a new home soon, you won’t have to worry about learning how to install a metal carport in most cases.

But if you own an older home, you might not currently have a garage or carport. Or you might have a garage or carport that doesn’t meet your needs.

Either way, you should think about taking the time to learn how to install a metal carport. If you choose to go through with it, it’ll allow you to soak up all the benefits of metal carports.

Want to get your hands on some metal carport installation tips? Check out our step-by-step metal carport installation guide below.

Choose the Right Place to Install a Metal Carport

Where exactly would you like to put a metal carport? That’s the first question that you should ask yourself before you begin piecing it together.

More often than not, people will install a metal carport right near the exterior door of their home. It’ll give them a chance to get in and out of their home with ease right from their metal carport.

You are, however, welcome to figure out how to install a metal carport in almost any place on your property. You should scan it and see what would make the most sense for you.

Prepare the Spot Where You’re Going to Put a Metal Carport

Regardless of where you’re going to put a metal carport, it’ll be important that you prepare the spot where you’re going to install it. The last thing that you want to do is install a metal carport on a piece of your land that isn’t level.

You’re free to install a metal carport on just about any surface that you would like. This includes everything from a concrete slab to a patch of grass.

But whatever surface this might be, it needs to be completely level to accommodate your new metal carport. If it isn’t, your metal carport isn’t going to last you very long, and it might not function like it’s supposed to.

Invest in the Best Possible Metal Carport

If you’re going to take the time to install a metal carport, you shouldn’t do it with just any old metal carport. Instead, you should set out to buy a metal carport that’s going to look great and stand the test of time.

The metal carport that you purchase should come from a company that is well-known within the industry. It should also come from a company that has a reputation for producing high-quality products.

You’re going to be spending a pretty penny on a metal carport in most cases. So your metal carport should be worth every cent when you decide to buy it.

Secure the Walls for a Metal Carport

Once you pick out a metal carport for your property, you can either have it shipped to your house or arrange to pick it up and bring it home yourself. No matter which option you choose, the first order of business when it arrives at your home will be to secure the walls.

The walls for a metal carport will usually be anchored in the ground. They’ll also all be connected together to make them sturdy and secure.

Every metal carport manufacturer will tell you to secure the walls for a carport. But they won’t always tell you to do it in the same way. It’s why you should follow the instructions from your specific manufacturer to ensure your metal carport’s walls are able to stand strong at the end of the installation process.

Add a Roof to the Top of a Metal Carport

After you have the walls for your metal carport standing, you can go ahead and start to install a roof on top of them. This roof is obviously going to be what makes your metal carport what it is.

If you don’t put a roof on a metal carport properly, it could cause the entire carport to collapse. It could also lead to your roof leaking and negating the effectiveness of your metal carport.

Just like with the walls for your metal carport, you should follow the instructions from your carport manufacturer to a T. It’ll allow you to drop the weight of your roof down onto the walls without them falling over.

Test Out a Metal Carport to Make Sure It Works

As long as you’ve done everything else that we’ve discussed here, you should be left with a fully-assembled metal carport at this point. The only thing left to do will be to test it out.

You can do this by driving your car, truck, or SUV into it to make sure that it fits comfortably. If you sense that something might not be right, you may need to go back to the drawing board to see if you made a mistake while installing a metal carport.

Get Started Now That You Know How to Install a Metal Carport

It shouldn’t take you too terribly long to figure out how to install a metal carport correctly. In some instances, you might be able to do it within a matter of just hours.

But it’s imperative that you follow each and every step listed here. Otherwise, you might end up with a metal carport that isn’t going to check all the boxes for you.

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