A Sparkling Temptation You Can’t Refuse – Diamond Rings!


You can probably never find that woman who will deny the glitter from just the carbon under extreme pressure and heat. The refraction of light into thousand rays from the finely cut and polished sides of that piece of stone.

The sheer happiness you get when holding it in your hand—even better, wearing it as your espousal jewellery to depict the same strength and durability in your relationship—or just showing it to the world that you have reached that stage in your life journey where you can buy it for yourself and hold it as a beacon of gleaming success.

You might just choose whichever reason you want to flaunt it, but it all simmers down to one thing and one thing only. And that is everybody dreams of wearing a diamond someday. So diamond rings symbolise genuine beauty and elegance to solemnise the nuptial bonding between two individuals.

Now let’s moot over this insanely famous idea of using engagement rings for couples to demonstrate their union of hearts. This everlasting and ever-growing trend was started in 1477 by Archduke Maximillian of Austria.

As of record, he had commissioned the first-ever engagement ring for his betrothed. Hence this act of his has successfully joined the idea of diamond rings and engagement to be synonymous with each other this long by attaching royalty and aristocracy to the effect.

Now “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” As ‘The Godfather’ has suggested time and again.

So let’s choose from the plethora of beautifully crafted designs of engagement rings for couples.

Platinum diamond rings:

It is what we call the match made in heaven. It displays an amalgamation of white brindle base material with frosty achromic or psychedelic-natured bijou that you will love to see on the ring finger of your loved one. Taking vows of love and fidelity will hold a special meaning for the wearer who has put that object of love on her finger—the want for something that is hors Concours end engagement rings for couples.

Gold diamond rings:

Oohlala, the thought of it is enough to send butterflies fluttering in anybody’s stomach. The accentuation of bright yellow colour with glassy material, either monochromatic or harlequin tints. It is entirely your choice. But irrespective of your choice, we can safely assume that you will just turn heads wherever you go.

So choosing has never been easier because we at Vaibhav Jewellers know that our customers need us to be our best in what we do. That is, pamper them with so many feasible options of engagement rings for couples that will make their heart have a field day for sure.

Going into the different categories of designs of diamond rings is a story for some other page. For now, we want to indulge you with our passion for serving you better at our stores or even online, where you can get more store-like facilities.

So, just head to our store and choose your carbon to show the world.