A Hassle-Free Guide to Deep Cleaning Your Home


Your home is considered a valuable asset not only because it’s your property but also because it’s where you spend the majority of your time. And like your other possessions, it needs care and maintenance if you want it to last. But even if you clean it regularly and do chores every day, nothing will ever compare to a deep cleaning session.

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When people think about an extensive cleaning activity, they feel burdened, overwhelmed, or stressed out. But the goal of this article is to disprove those notions. Deep cleaning the home doesn’t need to take much of your time and energy. With proper planning and execution, you’ll be able to escape the hassles and focus on results. That means a well-cleaned and clutter-free home for you and your family. If you need a home deep cleaning services provider, house cleaning service Washington, DC is here for you that can surely provide you with more than satisfactory results.

Refer to the guide below so you can start cleaning your house thoroughly and efficiently.

  1. Devise A Cleaning Plan

To avoid wasting a full day on cleaning and polishing your home, you must create a cleaning plan or system first. This would entail the proper flow and sequence of cleaning one area before moving on to another. See to it that you work one room at a time, beginning and ending at the same place, so you don’t have to move around unnecessarily.

It becomes a routine when you know where to start and where to end. This will save you time and energy, resulting in just a few hours of effort but yielding the same results you can get from a full day of cleaning. With this method, you’ll be able to clean quickly without missing a spot or compromising the quality of the outcome.

  1. Declutter First Before Cleaning

As you start the cleaning process, the first thing to do is to declutter and eliminate all the garbage in your home. Check all the items that are scattered around or taking up storage space and judge whether they need to be kept, set aside, or thrown away. If they’re still in good condition yet you don’t want them anymore, you may sell them online or in secondhand stores, or you can donate them to charities.

Properly arrange all the things you need to keep and reserve for later use. As for the rubbish, gather them and hire a rubbish removal company to dispose of them responsibly. You can check here for an example of a service provider you can consider.

  1. Apply The ‘Top To Bottom And Left To Right’ Cleaning Technique

When cleaning surfaces and corners in your home, the secret is to know the proper sequence in doing so to avoid needlessly having to repeat the task. Hence, it’s logical to clean from top to bottom and from left to right. When dusting a ceiling fan, begin at the top, working your way downward. This goes for other locations and areas in each room.

Similarly, cleaning left to the right keeps you from moving from one random place to another rather than going from corner to corner in an orderly fashion. Some people feel confused about the order and clean any dusty surface they see, but this only takes more time to finish as some areas might have already been cleaned twice. Meanwhile, others might have been skipped or missed.

  1. Dust All Surfaces

To easily remove dust, use a damp, soft cloth to wipe the surfaces of your furniture and the corners where dust accumulates. If you’re going to use a cleaning solution, make sure it doesn’t have strong chemicals and is compatible with your furniture materials to avoid damage.

Make sure your fans are off. This way, dust and dirt won’t get blown off, only to be scattered on the ground or nearby furniture later on. Microfiber cloth can be tied to the end of a mop or broom so it can be used for hard-to-reach areas. Also, it’s time to change curtains, beddings, and linens after all that cleaning and dusting so they remain fresh and dust-free.

  1. Clean Tubs, Countertops, And Sinks

If you recently enhanced your bathroom, that’s awesome! Now, you have to make sure it’s properly maintained and cleaned well. Use safe and mild cleaning solutions if you want to scrub your tubs, sinks, and countertops. Focus on your kitchen and bathroom as they’re usually home to stubborn stains and bacteria. It would also help if you left some solution on those areas and rinsed it off later. This will give the substance enough time to penetrate the stained surface. Be sure to clean the interior of the microwave and oven, too.

All unnecessary packaging, spoiled food, and leftovers should be thrown away. If you don’t do this regularly, food may pile up and expired in the fridge.

  1. Wash Your Windows

Homeowners sometimes overlook the windows during a deep clean session. But don’t make that mistake because they play a role in making your home look extra fabulous and spotless. Use dish soap and water, or you can go for the best glass cleaner on the market. Wipe it liberally on the window with a cloth, then you can use a squeegee to remove the soapy substance. Move from top to bottom, and remove excess water from the blade. Be careful not to leave streaks as they can be hard to remove once they’ve dried.


Cleaning your home should be done on schedule systematically. Hopefully, the guide above has helped you feel a bit relieved knowing that everything can be done efficiently and in an organized manner. Find time at least once a week to do an hour of cleaning so you can have a beautiful, clutter-free home.