9 Simple Methods to Save Your Car Fuel


Apart from saving a few dollars, saving fuel also contributes to the environmental cause. Fuel conservation is vital to make sure we keep reserves for our future generations.

How can you accomplish this mission while using your car? Here are a few tips.

1. Limit your drives

Cars consume much fuel during your initial phase of travel; this happens until the engine warms and works efficiently.

If you want to do your bit to save this non-replenishing resource, you may choose to use public transport. Take your bike, engage in carpooling, give your legs some physical activity and walk when traveling to places close by.

2. Speed

Drive your car at a consistent speed, don’t change the car’s speed erratically. The constant switching between high and low speeds will lead to fuel wastage.

3. Over speeding

This has a dual effect. Exceeding speed limits invites a massive fine and also your car will consume more fuel. When you drive over 100kmph, the amount of energy your engine has to use is higher than the energy consumption at an average speed.

Suppose you crash into another car or property because of high speed; another set of consequences will await you. So, take care and compare car insurance to bail you out in times like these. Check your car insurance online options and sign up for one if you want to safeguard your finances and get yourself back on the road quickly.

4. Shift gears efficiently

Driving in low gear increases the fuel consumption of cars when driving on a highway. Whereas, when you are taking turns around corners, using a higher gear will burn more fuel. Hence, use optimum acceleration and drive your car the right way.

5. Discard worn-out components

An ill-maintained car provides low fuel efficiency. Parts like worn-out spark plugs, dirty air filters, and under-inflated and misaligned tyres all contribute to excessive fuel consumption. Replace them on time to save fuel costs.

6. Turn off engine limit idling time

During the peak hours of traffic, try not to use your car or else you will spend more fuel waiting at signals traffic lights or in traffic jams with your engine on.

7. Maintain low weight

Remove unnecessary roof racks, added spoilers, extra baggage, and keep the windows closed.

8. Minimal use of air conditioning

Using AC consumes more fuel. Especially, if it is ON while the windows are open, your vehicle will consume more energy due to the air turbulence.

9. Regular servicing

To keep a check on your car’s health, make sure it is serviced on a timely basis. Seek an expert a Your servicing mechanic can advise on how to save fuel too.


Take the best care of your car, and make more journeys together. Also, buy car insurance online to protect yourself from any unanticipated financial entanglements caused by future accidents.