8 Ways To Improve Your Luxury Business Website


Establishing a luxury business goes beyond having a physical shop. You must also be available online to maximize your business’s reach and lead generation. Sometimes, you even have a website for your luxury business, but still you aren’t getting the desired returns from it.

In this case, the best thing to do is to improve your business’s website. You may already have realized the need for improvement yourself but you might not know the steps to improve it and to ensure that it brings the desired results.

This article will take an in-depth look at how you can revamp your luxury business website using easy steps.

Here’s what you should do.

1. Ensure Your Website Is Responsive

One way to improve the performance of your business website is by making it responsive. This will improve user experiences and attract positive reviews on your website. In the end, it will boost your SEO, help generate more leads, and increase your business’s revenues.

Clean Origin – This is one of the landing pages that should inspire you. Besides providing all the information you need about engagement rings, it is highly responsive. It loads quickly and has quick links to get you to other website pages.

Pipabella –  You can also use this website to learn more about creating a responsive website. It has a great design, featured jewelry products, and links to important pages like the gallery.

Pandora –  This website’s landing page has a great outlook and is highly responsive. You can find jewelry for different occasions. It has bracelets, bands, chains, etc., for any event.

Voylla –  You can find any jewelry you’re looking for on this website. It has categories like bracelets, rings, necklaces, and bangles. Links are there to guide you through the shopping process until you checkout.

Bicknells Jewellers –  This is another landing page you can draw inspiration from. It’s responsive and has all the jewelry you might need, including engagement rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, pendants, and many more.

2. Add a Value Proposition

This is one of the most critical elements a website should have. But not many website owners do have their value proposition displayed to their audiences. Your value proposition is the statement of how your company is different from others and what value you are adding to your customers` life. You may make it part of your mission statement. Make sure that it remains visible to your target audience to serve its purpose.

For instance, it can be “our company is where to find the best wedding jewelry.” It would be best if you had this statement on all the pages on your website. You can also have them integrated into the content of your blog. That will make it easier for your audience to know what you stand for.

3. Make Checkout Simple

According to Moosend, an average of 69% of carts get abandoned on websites. This is a trend that every business that has a website should worry about. Imagine a customer going through your diamond jewelry collection, padding items to a cart, and then abandoning it at checkout.

This usually happens when a business makes checking-out experience hectic. It would be best if you made it as easy as possible for a customer to pay and check out. Make this step quick and secure to ensure that you make the most of your leads. This will help your business generate more revenues from leads.

4. Have Call to Action Texts

A call to action(CTA) is an essential element for any business website. A potential customer might find your website or blog while surfing the internet. Once they read through your content, they shouldn’t be left hanging. You should provide direction on how they can buy your jewelry by landing on the target page of your website.

It would be helpful for customers if you do this for every piece of content you write on your website and blog. Suppose someone’s done reading about engagement rings and doesn’t know what to do. It would be best if you guide him/her on the next step using CTA and a link to the purchase page. This will make it easier for them to access and purchase products .

5. Ensure Smooth Navigation

Smooth navigation will benefit your business in two ways. One, it will ensure your customers scroll through your website and find whatever they need almost effortlessly. Second, it will ensure that search engines rank your business high on SERPs because of the excellent customer experiences.

You can ensure smooth navigation by increasing website loading speeds. Also, you can do it by organizing the website with a menu having various categories and subcategories. The types of diamonds you sell can be included in the main categories and the subcategories might contain items like earrings and rings etc.

6. Add Fresh Images

Images play a critical role in the success of any online business. It would help if you showed your target audience what you sell so that they find it convenient to make purchase decisions. If you have old images on your website,try to add fresh ones. For this, you can have a professional photographer in your team.

This will ensure that you have high-quality images that appeal to your audience. Also, it’s worth noting that the better the photos, the easier it’ll be for your audience to make decisions. Moreover, images will keep your audience longer on your website because the website won’t look dull.

7. Add Internal Links

Internal links help your audience find pages that they’re looking for effortlessly. It would be best if you used them to ensure your customers can access pages easily. For instance, it shouldn’t be mandatory to click the back button to exit a page and then click on the homepage.

It would help if you had icons at the top of every page with links to other pages. It’ll also help to have a quick-links section at the bottom of every page. In addition, you can link from one blog post to another. This will enrich your content and make it easier for clients to access more information.

8. Boost Credibility With Social Proof

Social proof can help boost your website’s credibility. Customers need to trust your business before they transact with you. Luxury businesses sell expensive items, so trust is a significant factor in making purchase decisions. You should include elements that will help you improve it.

For instance, you can link your website to your social media pages. It will make customers more comfortable with your business. You can post testimonials from influencers who are interested in diamond jewelry. You may upload images of these influencers wearing stud earrings, proposal rings, bands, etc. of your company.

9. Make It More Accessible

Your website won’t help you much if customers can’t find it. Thus, one way to improve it is by making it more accessible. Ensure it displays correctly on large and small screens. That will make it easy for potential customers using smartphones to access and buy your products.

Once you have done this, there’ll be more reports of positive experiences by customers. Such reviews will encourage more people to visit your website. Also, it will play a critical role in your website’s SEO. Search engines will rank your website higher if it is more accessible and is not always down.


A luxury business, especially one that sells diamond jewelry, needs a website. But as explained above, building a website isn’t enough. You should ensure it brings your business the desired returns. This means you should improve it to provide a better customer experience.

The above steps do not necessarily have to be taken in sequenec.You can decide what to do first from all the insights we’ve provided. If your website doesn’t have clear images of the jewelry you sell, take some and upload them. Also, you can start linking and guest posting on competitor websites that sell wedding jewelry to boost your website’s visibility.