8 Lesser Known Facts About KIA Motors


KIA is one of the few car manufacturers that took around a decade to make its presence felt in the global car market. You can say it went from being an underdog car manufacturer to a relatively popular market leader in an impressively lesser time. KIA Motors offers an incredible line-up of vehicles that covers sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans, and more.

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But more than the range, it was the quality of vehicles built that made all the difference. People worldwide love KIA for its diversified car range options, features, strongly built quality, make, design, and pricing. But there are still a few surprising, hidden facts that people are unaware of. To make people aware of their favourite car brand, we’ve curated this epic guide that lists some lesser-known facts about KIA Motors.

This guide will impress you if you’ve always been a KIA fan and wanted to learn more about the brand. So let’s quickly head to check out the facts shared below.

  • Started as a Bicycle Manufacturing Company

Did you know KIA was first started as a bicycle manufacturing company? Yes, the company first began in 1944 with the name Kyungsung Precision Industry. The company’s early years focused on creating steel tubes and bicycle parts. With time, they decided to manufacture bicycles.

Eventually, with passing time, they decided to manufacture top-notch cars and other vehicles. The brand manufactured its very first bicycle, called Samchully, in 1951. It was the company’s first and most significant milestone as it was one of the most popular and best Korean bicycles.

  • Boasts the 3rd Lowest Recall Rates of its Vehicles

KIA has earned itself the title of manufacturing the finest and most classic cars. But little do people know that all the vehicles manufactured by this brand have the 3rd lowest recall amount. The only two brands ahead of KIA Motors are Porsche and Mercedes, holding the top two lowest car recall rates. So if you’re planning to buy a vehicle free from any manufacturing defect, KIA should be your choice.

Another best part of having a KIA car is ensuring it remains financially secured against accidents, repairs, etc., by covering it under reliable KIA car insurance. You can find numerous insurers offering KIA vehicle insurance, so make sure you buy from the best.

  • Manufactures Military Vehicles

Everyone knows that KIA manufactures the best-in-class vehicles for people worldwide, but rarely do people know that the brand also manufactures military vehicles. The brand is an old South Korean military army contractor and manufactures a range of military vehicles exclusively for them.

  • Owned by Hyundai

It can come across as a surprise for most because many think Hyundai and KIA are arch-rivals fighting to grab the same market. But KIA is a subsidiary of Hyundai. This partnership is not new as KIA and Hyundai became subsidiaries in and around 1998.

Together, KIA and Hyundai are the world’s third-largest car manufacturers. Despite their alliance, the two brands still fight and compete in the same market, trying to attract the most market share.

  • Won the Highest Number of Awards

KIA Motors has won numerous awards for its different cars. If you like keeping a close look at the news related to the automobile sector, you would know KIA Motors has won at least 6 J. D . Power awards.

This award is always given to a select few vehicles in the market. Cars that have proved their metal in terms of quality, performance, and dependability mostly win. Besides the 6 J. D. Power awards, KIA Motors has won titles for 2021 World Car of the Year, 2021 Motorweek Drivers’ Choice Award, Autotrader’s Best New Cars for 2021, and many more.

  • Uses Different Logo in South Korea

What makes people easily identify a KIA car is its logo. In most parts of the world, you would notice a sleek logo featuring the word ‘KIA’ in a free-flowing font. It is a simple yet classic logo that instantly grabs eyeballs. But do you know KIA uses a different logo for its car in South Korea?

Earlier KIA used to have a red oval logo on its car everywhere, but the same changed recently. But even then, the brand didn’t choose to keep the new logo on all its vehicles. If you check KIA cars in South Korea, you will find a stylized ‘K’ as its logo. Its Stinger range models depict the alphabet ‘E’ elegantly.

  • Special Focus on the European Market

You can find KIA dominating the car market in almost every country, but did you know the brand focuses on its European market? The entire team has a unique range of vehicles for the European countries, and it’s also bullish on its marketing efforts. These are some reasons KIA managed to give tough competition to the local car brands in the European continent.

  • It Faced Shutdown in 1979

It can be hard to imagine that one of today’s most successful car makers had to pause its operations back in time. In 1979, all major industrial manufacturers, including KIA, had to shut down their operations of regular products once the South Korean government was overthrown due to the then military coup.

It resulted in KIA having to stop manufacturing all its passenger cars. It took years for KIA to resume its passenger car production, but when it did and focused on expanding to other countries, there was no looking back.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a KIA Vehicle

South Korea’s oldest and most reliable car manufacturer, KIA Motors, has managed to win peoples’ hearts across the globe. Be it quality, price, features, or design, KIA vehicles have stood the test of time in every aspect. If you are planning to get a car for yourself, try getting it from KIA. You can also protect the vehicle by securing it under reliable car insurance.

Since KIA has impressively lower car recall rates, you can be confident in your investment in this brand car. Moreover, securing it under the right car insurance will only add a protection layer. So now that you’re aware of some lesser-known facts about KIA Motors, you can now be more confident in your car buying decision.