7 Unique Subscription Boxes Worth Investing In


Let’s face it: Finding the right gift for someone, especially a person you don’t know that well, can be difficult. Heck, even finding gifts for the people you love can become a challenge.

You don’t want to rely on gift cards or cash. These gifts can send a message, however unintentionally, that you didn’t purchase the gift until the last minute. So, what can you get for someone that displays some thought but doesn’t require too much planning on your end?

Subscription boxes make for a great compromise between gift cards and compiling the gift yourself. Read on to learn about 7 unique subscription boxes that you can purchase for yourself or a loved one.

1. Breo Box: The Best Subscription Box for Tech Fiends

Breo Box is by far one of the most expensive subscription boxes on our list here. It costs over $150/quarter. However, this is not without good reason.

Breo Box gathers some of the coolest tech gadgets on the market and sends them to you each season. It may sound like a steep price, but given that some of the gadgets inside the box can retail for almost the price of the box, it’s worth the investment for tech-heads.

Plus, it’s always cool to see what gadgets they include. Past boxes have included a self-heating knife. How cool is that?

2. Hunt a Killer: For Those Who Love a Good Mystery

Do you have a friend who loves true crime a bit too much? Are you someone who feels they could have made a good detective in another life? If so, then you may want to purchase the Hunt a Killer box.

This unique subscription box sends different clues for each month’s box. Each box, or ‘episode’, should take around an hour and a half to three hours to resolve. By the end of a ‘season’, which lasts for around 6 ‘episodes’, the recipient should have the tools to declare the murderer.

3. Scentbird: Subscription Boxes That Smell Amazing

There are many amazing fashion-based monthly subscription boxes available today. However, we decided to highlight Scentbird because it touches on an element of style that often gets overlooked: Your signature scent.

Having a signature scent can seriously boost your confidence. However, buying full-sized perfumes and colognes when you don’t know what scent works for you can get expensive.

Thankfully, Scentbird has a profile-building questionnaire to tailor the scents the service sends you to your desires. At only $14.95/month for samples of high-end perfumes, you couldn’t ask for a better toolkit to build your signature scent.

4. Bespoke Post: For Those With Fancy Tastes

Bespoke Post is one of the more intriguing types of subscription boxes. It offers access to luxury products for the low, low price of $45/month. The exact products can vary from month to month but can include purses, gourmet ingredients, and artisanal home decor items.

You never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’s going to be good. That’s the fun of this box!

5. Silk+Sonder: Monthly Subscription Boxes for Self-Care

Everyone needs more self-care these days, and if subscription services can make it easier, that can only benefit people. Silk+Sonder gets its name from a rarely-used word in the English language that refers to the recognition of the vibrant humanity of those around you.

When you receive this subscription box delivery, you’ll receive a themed journal and planner for the month. This also comes with a companion app that offers community support and affirmations. For $19.95/month, that’s a decent deal.

The only unfortunate thing is that this box tends to skew toward a strictly feminine audience. So, unless you’re into floral prints and very female-coded design choices and language, this might not be the choice for you.

6. GlobeIn: Supporting Global Artisans

Do you want to support subscription boxes that better the lives of people around the world? If so, then GlobeIn should be your first port of call. This exceptional monthly subscription compiles products made by artisans in remote parts of the world.

Any proceeds from the sale of these boxes and subscriptions help to support fair trade programs the world over. This puts money back in the artisan’s pockets.

Boxes from GlobeIn can range from $40 to $100, depending on what box you decide to purchase. Either way, you can be certain that your money supports a good cause and gives you unique items.

7. Shaker&Spoon: Aiding Alcohol Lovers

Alcohol subscription boxes are a dime a dozen these days. You’re almost spoiled for choice when it comes to wine and beer. Fewer are the boxes dedicated to cocktail lovers.

That’s exactly the demographic Shaker&Spoon caters to. You won’t get the booze sent to you, but you will get all the syrups, garnishes, and other mix-ins that you need for an epic cocktail created by a top-tier bartender.

Are you curious about this subscription box and how you might be able to save some money on it? Find out more from our affiliates at Hello Subscription!

Want to Discover More Subscription Boxes?

Subscription boxes make great gifts for yourself or the people in your life. For your friends and loved ones, they take the guesswork out of gift-giving. For yourself, seeing what comes in your monthly subscription boxes can provide a quick hit of dopamine.

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