7 Characteristics You Need To Know About Luxury And Modern Kitchens


How many of you agree that the kitchen is the heart of a house? Such an important part of the house must always be up to date. Isn’t it? If you have an idea of renovating your kitchen into a luxury or modern kitchen, there are some characteristics or features you must be aware of.

Catering as the best kitchen company in Dubai, in this article, we have tried covering 7 Characteristics that you need to know about the best luxury kitchen and modern kitchens before making any decisions about renovations.

Luxury Kitchens vs Modern Kitchens:

There are not many, but some notable differences between luxury and modern kitchens have the most impact. Luxury kitchens, by the name, are premium and use high-quality materials, either base or accessories. It comes with lavishness, expensive and high-quality input and an overall expensive look to your house.

On the other hand, when we talk about modern kitchens, they are also style oriented but are not always so expensive. You can come up with less expensive ideas for a modern kitchen. More than differences, there are similarities between the two designs. To choose the ideal design for your kitchen, you can visit our page to check out the modern kitchen trends.

7 Characteristics of Luxury and Modern Kitchens:

Out of many characteristics, we have covered the 7 most important characteristics of luxury kitchens and the best modern kitchen trends so that you don’t get confused with many.

1. Minimal Approach:

Over time, modern kitchens have been so in demand because of their minimal approach. By minimal approach, we are trying to say less is more. The design trends of the modern kitchen in Dubai are a good example—no rush of accessories and items.

A clean look is what it gives you. Sleek cabinets, modern appliances, mainly built-in stuff for that minimal look, and soft patterns with a bold color palette are all you can expect from a modern kitchen. This slickness, in fact, is what was missing in traditional loaded kitchens. This change has proved to be a good one.

2. The Touch of Wood:

Another main characteristic of luxury kitchens and modern kitchens is wood. From countertop to bar aisle, floor to cabinetry, you can design anything using wood in a luxury and modern kitchen. The wood blends in with the look as if it was made for this. It enhances the beauty and also provides warmth and a homely feel.

Also, the wood here is not traditionally brown or beige but can be in different shades of grey, black and even other shades to go with the look. You can adapt patterns and shades to be creative with the design.

3. Dramatic Accents:

You can do a lot with your designs in the kitchen to play around with. The trend nowadays in modern kitchens is to keep the cabinets white and have a bold, vibrant and dramatic accent for the colors. The backsplash is the best spot to do dramatic accents, but you don’t need to be extra to maintain the minimalistic theme.

Whereas if we talk about luxury kitchens, the backsplash is given a good look with marbles. Marbles that blend in with the colour pallet, material and other accessories create an elegant look.

4. Prominent Islands and Technology:

Modernity means something different. Different from all traditional styles. The modern kitchen over the decade has adapted the prominent islands and technology style. Modern and industrial technology is a part of modern kitchen ideas, maintaining the minimal look with top-notch appliances.

The islands have been extremely prominent in modern kitchens over the year. Large islands, which are multi-functional and able to fit almost everything. Large kitchen islands are ideal for big families. This prominent culture has contributed a lot to modern and luxury kitchen designs.

5. Wood and Marble Combo:

Luxury kitchens are extraordinary. They push their limits to achieve that elegant look. You would get wood and marble together in a luxury kitchen. They complement each other as one of the most exotic materials used in the kitchen. This combination is so ideal that you will instantly fall in love. This elite combination can either be used with wood on cabinets and marble on the counters.

6. Aesthetics, Lighting and Arrangements Matter:

In either type of kitchen design, what matters the most is the geometry, seating arrangement, lighting and aesthetics. You might feel it is a tough task to fit in all these factors in a sophisticated kitchen but trust us; it is not. Lightings are the key to your kitchen’s elegant look, followed by aesthetics and arrangements.

The way you arrange the appliances and accessories has a huge impact on how the kitchen looks. If you have good space to fit a dining table in your kitchen, arrange it in a sophisticated manner.

7. Details are the Spark:

The last details do matter a lot. Everything needs to be detailed properly, from major elements to minor ones, big appliances to the smallest accessories. Every single element has its spark in place. If you remove it, you will lose that one spark. Be crucial with the detailing. Make the kitchen look elegant, spacious, clean and praise-worthy.

Another thing that plays a great role in a top kitchen’s elegance, modernity and luxury is cleanliness. A clean kitchen will always catch attention, even if it is not so big or luxurious.

Our Verdict:

The above characteristics play a major role in making a kitchen modern or luxurious. Considering these characteristics, you can achieve your goal of getting a modern and luxurious kitchen.

Be aware that before any of the above characteristics, your budget matters. Go for the design which you can afford to renovate and maintain. You can also check our website for the best kitchens in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat & Doha.