6 Truck Driver Must-Haves to Keep on Hand


Driving a truck can be challenging, especially regarding the logistics of keeping your vehicle in good shape. While some drivers prefer to take care of repairs on their own, others prefer to enlist the help of professionals.

The latter is often a great idea, as there are many advantages to having your truck serviced by an expert. However, there are also some situations where spending all that money on repairs and maintenance might not make sense when you could do it yourself instead.

So what should you do? In this article, you will learn 6 must-haves that every truck driver needs to keep on hand.

Good Type of Soap

Having good truck wash soap is a necessity for any truck driver. Use it to ensure your truck is clean and sanitary, which will, in turn, keep your job safe and efficient.

How to use: Use this soap to clean the outside of your vehicle. It should be used after every trip, but if you are going on an extended haul without another stop, it may be necessary to use it more frequently.

What type of soap: There are many brands, so find one that suits you best. If you aren’t sure what kind you should get, ask around at local gas stations or rest stops; they’ll likely have some suggestions for places that sell this product and other important supplies like fuel filters or spark plugs (keep those handy, too.).


Use the rag to wipe down your truck (including the windows, mirrors, dashboard, and steering wheel) after you’ve cleaned it. This will help keep dirt and grease from accumulating on your truck’s interior surface. Use a damp rag to give yourself a quick wipe-down if you have time between stops.

Oil Absorbent Pads

These pads are a must-have for any truck driver. They can be used to clean up oil spills, grease, and other messes that might occur while on the road. They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and garage, as well as in your car or your patio. Oil-absorbent pads can also be used in a workshop setting if you work on vehicles yourself.

Waste Disposal Bags

Waste disposal bags are a must-have for any truck driver. They can help keep your truck clean and the environment clean, too.

To dispose of waste properly:

  • Place the waste in a bag.
  • Tie the bag tightly and securely with string or tape so it won’t open during transport or when you throw it away at a landfill site or designated drop-off locations (such as recycling centers). The plastic should be completely enclosed within another material, such as paper or cardboard, for easy handling by others.


Degreaser is a soap that removes oil from your skin. It’s used to clean the inside of the truck and also used to clean the outside of your truck. Degreaser is also good for cleaning windshields, windows, and other surfaces such as lights.

Tire Shine

Tire shine is a liquid or gel applied to tires to give them a shiny appearance. While it can also be used on other parts of your truck, tire shine should not be used in place of soap and water when cleaning your vehicle.

You also need to have other important things as a truck driver.

A Spare Tire and Jack Kit

If your car breaks down while driving, this is an essential item for being able to change the tire. It may seem silly, but having enough air pressure in each tire can mean the difference between getting towed off and being able to drive home with no problem.

A Case of Water Bottles

This one should go without saying; drinking plenty of water is critical for anyone who spends hours at a time behind the wheel. But if you’re thirsty and there aren’t any clean cups available? You’ll be glad they were tucked away in your trunk instead.


If you’re a truck driver, you know that it’s a job that requires a lot of supplies. You can’t just leave home without everything your job needs to be done properly or safely. You must always have everything on hand, so you don’t waste valuable time trying to find what you need when something goes wrong while on the road.