6 Dangerous Side Effects of a Drug Addiction that Can Affect You and Your Loved Ones


If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may think you’re numbing certain feelings or pains, but you’re doing just the opposite. You’re also creating some health problems that can affect you and your family. Different substances can lead to different outcomes – but all the results are deleterious to your health and wellbeing.

You’re not in control anymore when you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol. That is why it is essential to take the initiative and treat the problem as soon as possible. The sooner you do so, the better as a drug or alcohol addiction and its effects only worsen over time.

Overcome Drug or Alcohol-Induced Side Effects: Enter a Drug Rehab Center Program

By entering a drug rehab center and treating your addiction, you’ll clear your system of the toxins that lead to health issues and drug and alcohol use hazards. You will also overcome the behavioral problems that can impact family and professional relationships. By knowing some of the side effects of drug or alcohol abuse, you will see the value of entering a recovery program.

Prolonged Drug Use Only Worsens the Side Effects Over Time

The side effects you experience from an addiction depend on what drugs you use or the level of abuse. Unfortunately, the longer you use a medicine, the more you’ll rely on it to support your habit.

When this happens, you also develop a tolerance that can lead to an overdose that may end your life. Therefore, you need to address your drug or alcohol abuse immediately.

The Negative and Dangerous Effects of Ongoing Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Let’s look at some of the ways drug or alcohol use can negatively impact your life and the lives of those close to you.

1. An Increased Risk of Infection

Not only does a highly addictive drug, such as cocaine or morphine. Increasing the chance of overdose can also increase the risk of infection or HIV.

2. Elevated Anxiety and Confusion

Taking drugs, such as methamphetamine (meth) speeds up the metabolism to a dangerous level, causing anxiety and confusion. Users, who take the drug long-term, also have trouble sleeping and may suffer from paranoia or behave aggressively.

3. Brain Damage and Coma

The longer you use illicit opioids and prescription medicines, the greater the chance that you’ll suffer brain damage or eventually fall into a coma. These types of drugs, when used over a long time, alter the brain’s chemistry, which damages the brain and neural functioning.

4. Slowed Reaction Times

Substances such as marijuana and alcohol can slow reaction times, leading to car accidents and other mishaps. Even drinking a small amount of alcohol can lead to a lifetime impairment or disability.

5. Depression and Extreme Mood Swings

Drugs. Such benzodiazepines, known by trademarked names as Valium or Xanax, may lead to depressive episodes when abused. These drugs are generally used to treat insomnia or anxiety. They are also considered muscle relaxants.

6. Live Disease and Damage

Drugs such as cocaine and alcohol cause drug-induced liver disease. When a drug or alcohol is used heavily, it can lead to advanced cirrhosis. Treatment for cirrhosis requires a liver transplant.

Get Help for Your Addiction Now

Drugs used without a prescription or heavy drinking can badly affect the user and their family. If drugs or alcohol are affecting your life, take control. Enroll in a drug and alcohol treatment program to improve your health and reduce the negative consequences of extended drug or alcohol use.