5 ways to pull your plazzo sets to match the latest style


Plazzo were and are a favorite among many fashionistas among all the ultra-cool and hipsters attire that was worn in the 1960s. And don’t we just adore how they’ve made such a strong resurgence now? Plazzo are undeniably back, and with a vengeance.

We’ve seen folks all across the world showcase this sartorial marvel over the last year and this year. Almost every lady in the world must have at least a pair of them by now.

We show you ten different ways to wear your stunning pair of palazzos.

Wear them with a long-sleeved shirt

 Pairing your plazzo pants with a long sleeved shirt is an elegant and extravagant way to wear them. If you’re going to a party, pair the pants with a lace shirt, or just a standard long-sleeved top to keep things simple.

Simply layer over the top you’re wearing over the palazzo pants. Wear denim jackets or winter jackets that are thicker and longer. With your plazzo pants, go for a more formal look. Wear it with a long-sleeved jacket. Another wonderful idea is to build a jumpsuit out of your top and palazzo trousers.

Plazzo pants go best with a crop top

There’s no better way to show off your palazzo pants than by wearing them with a crop top. They complement each other so nicely that your outfit has a classy and elegant feel to it at the same time. Wear your crop top in as many ways as you’d like to play with your plazzo trousers, whether it’s long or short sleeves, lace or velvet. This season, how can you not wear a crop top with plazzo?

Prior to this, we’ve compiled a list of looks with a mild western influence. Why not give the plazzo with crop top a modern, indo western spin? Although this appears to be a fancy outfit, who says plazzo pants can only be worn for casual occasions? Wear a cropped blouse over palazzo trousers that have been tastefully embroidered, and add a trendy dimension to the look with a long shrug.

A stylish combo is long kurtas and plazzo pants

A kurta is the most traditional way to wear palazzo pants. Despite the fact that the kurta and plazzo are both long and flowy, they work well together to give the outfit a sophisticated ethnic sense.

If you want to play the basic and elegant fashion game, a plazzo with a long top can be the best option for you. A plazzo pant with a wide bottom and a long kurta-style top might give your plazzo pants outfit some dimension.

When wearing plazzo trousers with a long top, a corded belt over the top can add a bit of sparkle to your look. With modest accessories like a choker necklace, sling purse, or scarf, this plazzo suit will be a huge hit! When you don’t want to be confined by your formal clothes, wear this to work.

Plazzo With Kurti

Lends Kurtas and plazzo pants are such a great and addicting combination that once you’ve found out how to wear plazzo pants with a kurta, you’re unlikely to want to wear anything else! Our favorite celebrities wear plazzo pants all the time, so we’re sure you’ve seen this stunning combination before.

You can go entirely traditional with the kurta and plazzo trousers. A traditional yellow or red chunnari draped over a chikankari suit combined with flared white plazzo pants will look beautiful. Plazzo pants can be worn with both Indian and Western styles, which is why they’re on every fashionista’s mind!

Wear Plazzo Pants With Shirts

This time, let’s not treat shirts like they’re formal! Plazzo pants with shirts can look pretty damn fantastic when worn to impress! Wear a striped plazzo with a tucked-in shirt, rolled-up sleeves, and a pair of glam shoes.

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