5 Ways to Decrease Commercial Truck Tire Damage


While many aspects of a transport truck require regular maintenance, some things tend to wear down quicker than others. If you’re talking about a truck that repeatedly travels long distances while carrying heavy loads, then there’s almost no avoiding that your tires wear out quickly.

That doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind and forget about addressing the issue. Taking a few steps to help the tires on your Metro Western Star trucks last longer could save your company a great deal of money over the years. Here are a few ideas that you should ensure you’re employing at your trucking business.

Keep Your Truck’s Tires Clean

If you never wash your tires, they will inevitably wear out faster. Truck tires pick up mud and salt as they travel, which can be corrosive to the most robust tires. Maintain a schedule for washing your truck tires to ensure they last longer. You should also be mindful of the conditions that your truck has faced on each journey so that you can easily perform extra cleaning maintenance as it is needed due to use.

Maintain the Right Tire Pressure

Your tires should always be kept at the recommended pressure if you want to get the most out of them. Even slightly deflated tires will experience more wear on the road. When you’re sending your truck over long distances, ignoring the pressure of your tires is a sure way to wear them out faster. If you don’t maintain the correct tire pressure in all of your vehicles, you can also introduce unnecessary safety risks for your drivers.

Ensure the Proper Alignment

As in the case of tire pressure, your tires will wear out quickly if the alignment is off. Add an alignment check to your schedule to prevent yourself or your driver from travelling long distances on tires that are not aligned properly.

Careful Driving

If you’re making sharp turns or slamming on the brakes at high speeds, your tires will wear out quickly from bad driving habits. This may be the easiest aspect to avoid if you want to make your truck tires last longer. All you need to do is drive with more care and go slowly when possible.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Your maintenance checks should include checking your tires for wear and tear. If your tire has been punctured, be sure to find a replacement before you hit the road. At this time, you should also ensure that you clean, align and check the pressure on your tires.

Doing all these tasks simultaneously and on a regular schedule is the best way to prevent tires from getting damaged before they are due to be replaced. If you can afford it, you should hire a mechanic or a maintenance crew to ensure these tasks are performed regularly.

There’s no room for needless waste in any business. Take adequate care of the tires on your trucks to ensure you aren’t overspending on an avoidable cost.