5 Things to Remember When Starting a Business in Michigan


Who is it that said starting a business in Michigan is easy? No one, that’s who.

No matter where you live, starting a business is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. Fortunately, we’re going to make it a whole lot easier with the following tips.

From this guide, you’ll learn how to craft a business plan that’s designed for success. We’ll also help you steer clear of some common mistakes. Start your business off right with these essential startup tips.

  1. Form a Business Plan

Surely you’re planning to market some set of skills you already possess. But ask yourself, is there a demand for these products or services right now?

If not, make a plan for a more in-demand business. You may have to learn additional skills before you open up shop.

Also, make sure you come up with:

  • A budget
  • A location
  • A daily routine

When you plan a budget, it should be well below what you can afford. Also, decide whether a startup loan is ideal/necessary.

  1. Make It Personal

First-time entrepreneurs always plan for the generic details of running a business. But, all too often, they fail to make it personal.

More than anything else, your business depends on you. Your plan must be personal, tailored to your:

  • Preferred business structure/workday schedule
  • Preferred demographic/niche
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Motivational/demotivational triggers

Put simply, your business will either fulfill you or exhaust you very quickly. That is what determines your level of success.

  1. Scout the Competition

No matter how unique your niche is, you’ll always have competition. If there are any obvious competitors in your service area, research them now.

Additionally, make a list of less obvious competitors to research. Do this by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes.

If someone’s planning to purchase your services, what might they do instead? Include any services that are alternatives to yours, especially if yours are luxury services.

List specific reasons why your competitors would be chosen over you. Then, give your hypothetical customers some very good reasons to choose your business.

  1. Get What You Need

After the above steps are complete, make an itemized list of the resources you need, including:

  • A location (home office vs office rental)
  • Office equipment
  • Required licenses
  • Vehicles

You must also plan for services, including:

  • Trash disposal
  • Janitorial services
  • SEO/digital marketing
  • IT service
  • Repairs/construction
  • Property management
  • Internet service/cabling

Be sure not to neglect the digital/online aspects of your business. First and foremost, get reliable IT services and networking cables. Read this guide to learn more about the importance of network cabling.

  1. Do a Practice Run

While it looks good on paper, your plan might fail in practice. When your plan is complete, do an imaginary practice run.

This can be done in your head if you wish. Or, you can physically tour your place of work, pretending to conduct business as usual. As you do this, correct any errors you discover in your plan.

Follow These Tips When Starting a Business in Michigan

If you dream of starting a business in Michigan, do it right. Keep this guide handy and follow these tips to make your dream come true.

Next, we’ll show you how to create marketing campaigns, choose IT providers, and more. Find these and other essential tips for your startup on our Business blog.