5 Secret Tips To Promote Your Restaurant Business On TikTok


Being a restaurateur in the digital era of 2022s, try to understand the significance of social media networks and their marketing strategies. Every social media platform plays a huge role in building brand awareness for your restaurants that drive diners to connect with your business.

Yet, have you thought of trying new platforms like TikTok to expand your business reach online? If not, don’t panic; you are not alone anymore now. Here, we will share the top-class secret tips in this guide about TikTok promotion for your restaurants.

Let’s start right now!

Everything About TikTok Restaurant Marketing

TikTok works as the fastest-growing social media platform on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Also, the platform has the highest count of downloads which works like an engaging marketing platform. Hence, it is high time to grab your potential customers on TikTok for your restaurant business. But can you guess how?

It’s a simple yet effective method; first, start to create engaging TikTok videos and tag your branded hashtags. Next, try to make your restaurant popular among your followers by trying the option to buy tiktok fans that helps in leveraging your organic ranking.

Suppose your TikTok’s business niche targets restaurants; you can begin to attract the attention of Gen Z and millennials. There are three best methods of restaurant marketing on TikTok, they are:

  • First, start to post appropriate TikTok videos of your restaurant, menu list, kitchen area, and chefs on your TikTok channel.
  • Collaborate with influencers in your industry to expand your restaurant reach.
  • Advertise your food, drinks, and exceptional catering services through TikTok.

Several popular restaurant brands have found different methods of combining these three methods. For instance, your restaurant can post original video content every day to stay in front of your customers’ eyes.

5 Secret Tips To Promote Your Restaurant Business On TikTok

1. Display the Best Side Of Your Restaurant On TikTok

The first thumb rule on TikTok is that the platform lets every user publish short-format videos of 15-seconds or shorter. Also, the platform has in-built features like filters and special effects that create a massive buzz on your TikTok videos.

So, now, start to grab the attention of your potential customers by generating higher leads. So, keep in mind that if you try to make your restaurant business popular, start creating vibrant TikTok videos.

Further, start to edit your TikTok videos to display the highlights of your restaurant establishment, happy customers, and engaging staff to grab your business followers. Make sure to include a background soundtrack that’s trending among your potential audiences, or even use TikTok trending soundtracks to be consistent.

2. Try To Promote Your Menu & Special Dishes

On TikTok, the platform offers an exciting option for restaurants to display new menu items and specials, mainly if you introduce them in a visually appealing manner. Now, take a look at the example of Maggie Johnson. On TikTok, the profile @magsmeals took the task of creating cheese boards and turned it into an art form by expanding to 300K followers.

Besides, her secret depends on exciting cheese board layouts and her bubbly personality. Yet, you can include your TikTok video with a fantastic twist to your menu and a special intro. The pro tip for your TikTok video is to check whether your video fits your brand identity.

3. Share Recipes, Food Prep Secrets & Sneak-Peeks

Are you looking to elevate your restaurant business on TikTok? If so, the best method is to post innovative food recipes that have a short, sweet, and tempting feel.

For instance, TikTok’s professional chef, Vivian Aronson, whose profile is @cookingbomb, was an ex-MasterChef competitor, has created a massive viewership on TikTok by publishing videos showing audiences how to make her favored recipes.

Also, she shares the best food preparation secret tips and hacks to make her content unique. You can even try the same recipes by showing your customers and followers how you keep your kitchen clean.

Moreover, she shares how she prepares their all-time favorite dishes and how your smash-hit burgers, nachos, or pizzas are made. Last, you will become curious to visit the restaurant for dinner within no time.

4. Host Live Cooking Events

Once you get more than 1K followers on TikTok, you can start to host exciting live events on TikTok. In addition, connect with famous chefs or bartenders to make an attractive series of tutorials or classes to tutor your customers on how to prepare some of your best sellers. Even try to conduct a competition to name your new dishes, drink, or topping combos.

The short and quick reach of TikTok makes it the perfect app to try with engaging live events and contests.

5. Collaborate With Influencers To Share Attractive TikTok Videos

Want to grow your restaurant in no time? If so, start to practice influencer marketing which plays as a cost-effective paid marketing method where you connect with your influencers.

When your restaurant business associates with appropriate influencers, record short-format videos of them relating to brand challenges to generate profile visibility. Make an effort to participate in the influencer contest by eating one of your new dishes, making cocktails, or working on your best-selling dessert.

Final Points

In a nutshell, TikTok is an ideal platform for marketing your restaurant business, where you can work on your budget range. The platform has got millions of active users in more than 150 countries, and it’s viral among your millennials and Gen-Z.

If you are looking to elevate your TikTok profile visibility for your restaurant business, try using Tikviral, where you can become a trending star overnight.