5 rules for a homey interior


What surrounds us directly affects our mood. Your home should always be associated with safety, comfort and coziness. Naturally, there is no single correct technique that would help make a home environment like that. However, there are some rules to help you figure out how to turn your home into a place you would want to come back to.

Choose things you like

The key to a healthy nervous system is avoiding toxic people. We are always told that we need to communicate only with those people who understand us, with whom we have fun and spend time with joy. To create home comfort, you can use the same rule.

Distancing yourself from people is often difficult, especially if they are people with whom you are obliged to communicate. For instance, a strict boss or an arrogant colleague. However with things everything is much easier. The main thing is to find the strength to get rid of unnecessary trash and things that do not play any role in creating comfort.

Fridge magnets from your vacations, photos with family and friends, a blanket knitted by your grandmother – these things involuntarily evoke the warmest feelings in us. Do not make a choice in favor of things that are currently in interior trends, just because they are fashionable. Fashion is changing rapidly, but your memories are timeless.

Some things that are essentially supposed to calm us down can affect you in the opposite way. For example: a beanbag chair that is scratched by your cat and takes up a lot of space, or plants, you forget to look after, are wilted and do not revive the space at all.

Buy things that are nice to feel

Now designers are trying to put more emphasis on things and accessories that are pleasant to touch. People are increasingly using textured finishes and cloths made from textured thread in interior design. Furniture items also tend to be embossed. Such design elements will not only be pleasant to look at, but also to touch.

Oxytocin is a hormone produced when you get a warm touch. People need hugs and touches to avoid feeling lonely and depressed. Cozy furnishings and décor can also make us feel calm and relaxed. A shaggy fluffy carpet can pleasantly smooth out the morning wake-up call. A soft blanket will not only warm, but also give a feeling of comfort on cold winter evenings. Through things that feel good to the touch, you establish an emotional connection with your home.

Add some romance

After a tough day at work, you want to feel the refreshment of your mind and body. An ordinary dinner can be brightened up with scented candles, which will create a cozy atmosphere and fill your home with pleasant aromas.

A beautiful dinnerware set does not have to be kept on the shelves, waiting for the right occasion. Beautiful dishes can also cheer you up.

Lighting is one of the most important tools for creating a cozy home. A harsh and bright light is good for cleaning or doing some work. Nightlights in the evening will illuminate the part of the house that you need at the moment and will not strain your eyesight. A lighting chain can be used not only for the New Year. Sole-colored lighting chains of warm color will also set the desired emotional mood.

Seasonal setting in your dining room

Living in the same environment can be quite boring. The decision to move furniture may not always change the situation. In order to somehow alter the decor of your apartment or house, try changing things for the season.

Cushion covers, blankets, bed linen, tablecloths – all this and much more can be selected for different seasons. Bright tones can be replaced by solid and cold colors.

Don’t be lazy and try to experiment

Your home is your fortress. You don’t have to please everyone. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.

Tired of a boring bathroom floor? Try turning it into colorful swirls with Paradigm Concrete Finishes Sarasota. These floors eill absolutely make your entire home pop, it might not be for everyone but epoxy is a really cool new trend. Also, you’ll make your floor eco-friendly and good for your health.

Add more neon lights, vibrant wallpapers, fluffy carpets to your interior. Transform your home into your personal dazzling Las Vegas.

And if you get tired of the brightness and saturation of colors in everyday life, try minimalism in your home environment. Solid and cold tones can also be incredibly comfortable and cozy for someone.

Hear your own voice. Spend your day off not lying on the couch, but choosing things that will make you smile and make you feel comfortable every time you come home.