5 Reasons Why Your 1st Grader Might Need Home Tutoring


Home tutoring is not an alien concept, but people have mixed reactions when it comes to home tutoring a 1st grader. Some people think early tutoring might hamper the child’s learning skills in the long run. But, on the other hand, it is a waste of money for some.

Also, home tutoring is not only meant for children who need additional support for their studies, but it is also helpful in brushing up on the skills of bright students.

But, these are all myths that need to be addressed in the strongest possible manner. So to remove the fog surrounding this myth, here are some good reasons why your 1st grader might need Home Tutoring.

To get personalized attention

Every child is unique, and so are their learning skills. Slow learners or fast learners, each category needs special attention alike. A Tutor for 1st graders can develop the skills of slower learners and channel the skills of fast learners.

Here comes the importance of home tutoring; it gives them the required personal attention to excel. Moreover, you could not expect the same kind of attention in schools, where the average number of students is 25+.

To accelerate academic development

Home tutoring has proven beneficial in accelerating a child’s academic development from a very young age. Further, one-to-one tutoring emphasizes a child’s academic skills and overall development. Home tutors evaluate the child and prepare a roadmap to develop or amplify the child’s skills accordingly.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, fun learning aids in the academic development of young children. So, instead of focusing on reciting the alphabet and improving writing skills, home tutors work on the bigger picture, i.e., all-around development. They use fun learning tools, worksheets, and technology to bring out the best in your child.

To make a Strong Foundation

Mastering the basics is very vital from a very young age. Perhaps, most students who struggle in higher classes are those who lack a strong foundation. A good tutor helps your child in clearing the most basic concepts. Moreover, 1st grade is the perfect foundation to build the rest of their academic future.

Mostly, students do not share their weaknesses in class due to fear of humiliation. But, when your 1st grader becomes honest with his/her tutor, consider the half job done. Then, both can work together to address the weakness.

To fuel overall development

As mentioned earlier, a home tutor could be more than just an educator. A good home tutor can help fill the gaps left by school teachers. Unlike school teachers, home tutors could be your child’s best friend, which helps them in fostering greater understanding and make learning enjoyable. Both can discuss their interests and ideas freely.

Furthermore, your 1st grader will also get a sense of discipline from a very early age. Your child will develop a routine for studying for a specific period of time without failure. These small things help enhance your child’s communication skills, thinking ability, and social behavior.

To become a quick learner

In this ever-evolving world, time is everything. What is more fruitful than making your child a quick learner at a young age? Yes! It is one of the most beneficial perks of home tutoring. Almost every school follows a “one size fits all methodology,” which sometimes stunts the mental growth of some children.

On the flip side, home tutors know their student’s learning styles and capacities. So, he/she plans and teaches accordingly. As a result, the students develop quick problem-solving skills.

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, home tutoring helps significantly in:

  • Fostering the passion for study in young children
  • Bringing out the weakness
  • Enhancing the aptitude and IQ of the child
  • Addressing a development delay or slow learning skills


Today, every parent or guardian must understand that learning and grasping abilities differ for every child. Sometimes, a customized curriculum or personal attention is all a 1st grader needs to excel in academic and personal fields. Hiring a private tutor is handy to realize your child’s dreams.

Services offered by home tutoring go beyond academics and ensure your child’s overall development. Considering the advantages of home tutoring for 1st graders, hiring one for your child makes sense. However, do market research or check for referrals to hire the best home tutor for your child.