5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Doors


When you think about renovating or redecorating your home, doors can be easily taken for granted. Perhaps it’s because this particular feature can survive several years without any need for repair or replacement–or at least that’s what you thought. Little did you know that doors can make quite an impact on the overall aesthetics of your property, among other things.

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Why Replace Your Old Doors

If you don’t pay enough attention to them, old doors won’t just look outdated but it could also lead to potential security risks. If you’re looking at your home doors as just something you hold onto when opening the entryway to your house, maybe it’s about time you change that perception. If you are looking for commercial doors visit Larnec Doors and Systems.

Let these five reasons to replace your old doors inspire you to do so:

1. Enhanced Security

You can’t get inside the house without accessing the doors, right? In this same sense, burglars and thieves can easily break in if the doors are too old as they’re no longer serving their purpose. If it’s been too long since you last updated your home doors, that could mean that this piece of wood and its knob isn’t just deteriorating in aesthetics, but they’re also already outdated on the latest trends and technology that the world of doors has to offer.

Nowadays, there are beautifully crafted doors that come with locking capabilities among other smart features. From steel-skinned to quality fiberglass, you won’t fall short on impressive door materials and selections to choose from. Additionally, modern-day doors are also constructed in a way that the door frame can resist forced entry.

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2. Updated Interior And Exterior Designs

The door may be just another rectangular piece of wood that your house has in different entryways, but it can significantly affect your interior and exterior designs. If you’re trying to achieve a particular style or décor at home, the door could be a good starting point to put the look together.

For a modern look, you can go for an industrial-themed door. There’s no need to finish nor paint the exterior because the edgy and unfinished touch is actually a great addition to the contemporary vibe that you’re trying to achieve. Rustic and laid-back home themes, on the other hand, could use newer doors in solid wooden materials. You can paint or coat them in natural coats to make them more country-style.

3. Energy Efficiency

Your old doors may be affecting the house’s insulation and you don’t even know it. Replacing them with newer ones could make way for better insulation, ventilation, and airflow, thus increasing energy efficiency.

Consider using fiberglass or steel doors that are equipped with polyurethane foam insulation. This way, you can keep the heat out when the weather is getting warmer while keeping in cool air when needed.

4. Improved Durability

You may have maximized the use of your old doors for several years, but wouldn’t it be great to have them replaced now and look forward to long years of using them? One of the five reasons to replace your old doors is to reduce maintenance, which also translates to improved durability in the long run.

Modern doors are made from materials that aren’t prone to bubbling, peeling, and chipping. If you go for extremely durable materials, like modern steel, you no longer need to perform routine sealing or painting, like how wooden doors would usually require. Steel can resist contraction and expansion as well, which makes them more ideal as a replacement.

5. Increased Overall Aesthetics

A charming and modern front door sure looks aesthetically appealing even from a distance. If you try taking pictures of your entire house, it’s the door that’ll usually make a first impression. With that in mind, replacing your old doors is a great idea if you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property from any angle.

Beautiful doors also give an impression that the family or people living in the property are always in the loop of the latest trends in home design. So, your stylish doors could also imply that you’re just as stylish and as modern.


There could easily be more than five reasons to replace your old doors. If you think about it, the cost that it’ll incur actually outweigh the benefits that you’ll get from replacing all of them. There are also other significant factors such as durability, energy efficiency, and better interior and outdoor structure designs. Finally, aside from enhanced home security, you also get to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.