5 Lucrative Psychology Careers You Might Want To Consider


In today’s society, human relationships are becoming an ever-increasing part of the business world. Human resources executives, for example, deal with people from all walks of life every day and typically work towards an employer that needs their services.

Psychology is one of the most popular and lucrative degrees to hold because it lets you understand the human mind and develop ways to improve its functionality.

1. Psychologist

There are many psychology careers for those who would like to help others. Psychologists hold positions in hospitals, schools, mental health clinics, corporate settings, and the federal government.

This is not limited to doctors or PhDs; that is why it is popular among all walks of life. Even the military needs people who are well versed in psychology. Psychologist jobs can span many levels of experience, from school psychologists to someone with advanced degrees.

In general, psychologists work with people from all walks of life. Psychologists may even be in high places when it comes to the government. In cases that involve classified information, psychologists are often needed due to their ability to keep personal and professional relationships separate.

2. Counselor

A high school counselor can help students with their personal lives and be the first person they turn to if they ever need someone else’s opinion. Counselors are the support system in the classroom.

They are usually assigned to a group of teenagers, which gives them a unique opportunity to be the first one kids turn to when they want to vent or ask for help. Being a high school counselor or a head counselor can be a very lucrative and worthwhile career.

3. Social Worker

Social workers work with children, teens, and adults who need mental health services. They can work in hospitals, clinics, schools, or private homes. An example would be a social worker who works with children who have autism or mental disabilities.

These individuals have a lot of difficulties communicating with their surroundings, and this is where a social worker provides a safe space where the child can talk freely. Social workers can communicate with patients of all mental and physical abilities. They can be helpful in many different ways.

4. Child Therapist

Therapists work with children who have or are at risk of having mental health issues. A child therapist can be a pediatrician or a psychiatrist that specializes in working with children. This should be the case if the child is falling behind in school and is diagnosed with ADD, depression, or other mental disorders.

Children of all ages are at risk for emotional disorders. A therapist can help the child deal with the problem and learn ways to deal with these issues in the future. Also, a child therapist salary  will be higher than a preschool/daycare job because they spend more time with patients.

5. Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapists work with people who want to lose weight or anyone suffering from an addiction. Hypnotherapy is one of the most popular forms of therapy because of the small-time commitment patients usually have with their providers.

It is usually a one-time series of sessions. Hypnotherapists are usually what the name sounds like, psychologists that utilize hypnosis to help people commit to their therapy or lose weight.


Many psychology careers are lucrative because of the emotions tied to them. The above careers are just a few examples of the many careers out there. Psychology is a very lucrative degree because it allows people to understand their surroundings better through interactions with others. If you want to kick off your psychology career, reaching out to places like CareersInPsychology.org would be a great place to start.