5 Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent a Second Stroke


As per information presented by the Indian Stroke Association, the number of individuals who suffer from strokes has been on the rise which has incidentally risen by almost 100 percent in the past few decades. Approximately 1.8 million people in the country suffer from a stroke each year. The primary form of reducing the morbidity and mortality rates associated with the same exists in the form of early treatment.

However, the medical resources available in the country that are aimed at tackling this remain limited if not underdeveloped at the moment. As a result, it is vital for individuals to incorporate whatever small changes they can make to their lifestyle such that they can combat the chances of them suffering from a stroke – if not for a second time.

Fast Facts about Strokes – 

  • Approximately 23 percent of the people who have suffered from strokes are likely to suffer from a second stroke as per data pertaining to the United States indicates.
  • Strokes are one of the primary causes of death and disability in the country today.
  • Those in urban areas are more likely to suffer from strokes in comparison to those in rural areas.

5 Changes that Can Lower the Chances of a Second Stroke

By choosing to incorporate the following changes into their lifestyle, individuals can considerably reduce the chances of being hit by a second stroke.

  1. Exercising on a Daily Basis – Cardiologists permit half an hour of walking that might induce feelings of breathlessness or associated activities that induce the same effects. These should be enjoyed on a daily basis. While being a little breathless is perfectly alright, struggling to breathe shouldn’t be the end goal here!
  2. Clean Diet – Incorporating a clean diet that is made up of low fat and whole foods including those which are plant-based is recommended. This dietary pattern can help prevent coronary disease in addition to vascular disease. By eating this sort of food, individuals can better maintain a moderate weight.
  3. Keeping Stress Levels in Check – It is important to keep your stress levels under control as it is capable of majorly impacting blood pressure levels. By incorporating stress-busting activities into your daily routine ranging from breathing exercises to chanting feel-good mantras, you can get your stress under control.
  4. Staying Connected – Ample data suggests that by maintaining ties with those you love including your family and friends can help you improve your vascular outcomes. Reaching out via a phone call or sharing a laugh over a meme, therefore, can go a long way.
  5. Uninterrupted Sleep is a Boon – By making sure to sleep for 7 to 8 hours each night without being interrupted is ideal as it can help you improve your cardio and cerebrovascular results.


By incorporating the aforementioned changes and controlling blood pressure, maintaining a moderate weight, and not smoking, a large percentage of strokes can be prevented. Availing of Bajaj health insurance via Finserv MARKETS is a viable option as it provides a good amount of coverage and serves policyholders well. By using a health insurance premium calculator individuals can better understand the premiums they might be required to pay for the same.