5 Hot Bathroom Trends You Need to Use This Year


Your bathroom is the only room in the house with a built-in throne! Why not dress up this functional space and make it fit for a king or queen? The latest bathroom trends are perfect if you are looking into bathroom remodeling or bathroom repair and want to add a touch of something regal!

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A lot of the latest bathroom inspiration comes from the natural world, which is not always the first thing you think of when you think “bathroom.” You’re going to go wild for the textures and color schemes that are showing up all over the place this year. Why not use your much-needed plumbing repair as an excuse for a full, nature-inspired bathroom makeover?

We’ve created this list of five of the most inspiring bathroom design ideas for you to put in place today! From natural materials to awesome accessories, there is something for every taste. Keep reading to find the inspiration for your next bathroom update!

  1. Botanical Beauty

The first trend that you’ll see everywhere in bathroom design this year is botanicals! From adding live plants to your bathroom decor to embracing plant motifs, green is in! This trend seems to evoke the bathhouses of classical societies like Ancient Rome and feels both timeless and contemporary.

  1. A Sense of the Spa

If you’re less into the natural world and more into relaxation, you’ll love the spa-inspired trend! Homeowners are looking at the pristine fixtures of professional spas and bringing those relaxing, luxurious elements into their home bathrooms. If you’re having plumbing issues, use it as an excuse to start from scratch and put in some new fixtures that can help with all of your self-care needs!

  1. Marvelous Marble

Marble may have been big in the kitchen redesign scene for a while, but now it’s making its way to the bathroom! A marble accent wall or countertop is a simple and classy way to bring some natural beauty into the room where you luxuriate.

  1. Period Clash

Opposites attract, and the latest trend is mixing old and new to create a bespoke style all your own. Why not put in that vintage claw-foot tub you’ve admired, but with contemporary fixtures? Consider a classy and classic pedestal sink with a hyper-modern walk-in shower.

  1. Take a Stunning Seat

The up-and-coming trend in bathroom accessories is the vanity stool. A fun stool can add a pop of color and personality. Parents will love having a stool to perch on while kids are in the bath, and everyone will appreciate the ability to sit down to powder their noses!

Keep These Bathroom Trends in Mind When You Remodel

While the door to your bathroom may remain shut most of the day, it’s still a room where you spend an awful lot of time. It’s also one of the few rooms in your house that even casual guests and visitors will see! Consider spicing up that utilitarian space with these of-the-moment bathroom trends to give everyone something to talk about!

While you’ve got your guests captive, why not brush up on some other topics of conversation, too? Keep reading to pick up some new information that will help you stay current in a changing world!