5 Common RV Renting Errors and How to Avoid Them


Did you know that more than 20 million people use RVs every year in the United States alone?

Renting an RV is an exciting option for road trips. It’s perfect for getting the whole family or a friend group together.

Spend quality time together as you enjoy all the amenities an RV provides. RVs allow you to travel around the country from the comfort of a home environment.

If you plan on renting an RV, there are common RV renting errors to avoid. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Pictures Are Not Worth A Thousand Words

Looking at pictures of RVs is helpful in selecting what vehicle you want to rent, but this should only be the first step. In the RV business, pictures are not worth a thousand words.

There is so much more to learn about an RV vehicle that a picture cannot provide. Additionally, some RV renting companies strategically use pictures to make the vehicle look more attractive than it is.

When selecting a vehicle, call the renting company and try to see the RV in person if you can. Ask the company detailed questions about the RV and its condition.

2. Do Not Just Pick the First Company You See

There are many RV rental businesses across the United States, and they are not all created equal. While a majority of companies are legitimate and trustworthy, there are a considerable amount of sketchy RV rental companies that want to take advantage of innocent customers.

Do not just pick the first company you see in an RV rental company online search. Do your research and take the time to find a reputable business before you rent an RV.

3. Do Not Assume Certain Amenities

When selecting an RV, do not assume certain amenities based on past experiences. Even if you have rented a similar RV in the past, this does not mean both vehicles are the same.

Before signing a rental contract, be transparent with the rental company about what amenities you expect, and make sure they provide you with an RV that has everything you desire.

At the very least, make sure the RV you select has essential RV amenities such as bathrooms, a kitchen, and sleeping space.

4. Not Reading Reviews

When choosing an RV rental company, it is critical to read reviews. This goes along with ensuring the company is trustworthy.

Platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews are great places to get started for reading online reviews. Reviews will allow you to learn more about past customer experiences. In turn, they will give you a clearer picture of if the company is easy to work with or not.

You can have more confidence in selecting a rental company that is respected in the community.

5. Not Reading Cancellation Policies in Detail

Similar to online terms and conditions on websites, some may decide to quickly read cancellation policies. Let us be clear; this can have undesirable consequences.

Before signing a rental contract, read the company’s cancellation policy in detail. Make sure you understand and agree to the rental company’s cancellation rules. The last thing you would want is to pay a big fee that you were not aware of!

Common RV Renting Errors and More

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