5 Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company


In the past five years, over 40 million Americans have moved each year. About 65% of these moves are within-county, while 14% of people cross state lines. If you’re planning a cross-country move, you don’t have to deal with the stress alone.

Instead, consider hiring a moving company this year. Their experience and expertise can simplify the entire moving process!

On the fence? Read on to discover the top benefits of hiring a moving company today!

1. Prevent Injuries

About 540 million people worldwide are affected by back pain at any one time. In fact, the cost of back pain in the US has reached $635 billion a year. Back pain is even one of the top reasons people miss work.

If you’re about to plan a cross-country move, you might unintentionally injure yourself in the process. Back pain could put you out of work, lead to costly medications, or even surgery. In the long-term, back pain might even impact your mobility and quality of life.

Instead of risking it, consider hiring a moving company this year.

Full-service moving companies have the proper tools to move heavy or large furnishings. These teams also know how to move heavy boxes properly to prevent injuries.

Their incredible packing skills can ensure no one gets injured in the process.

Otherwise, trying to carry heavy items on your own could lead to property damage and bodily injuries.

After all, heavy pieces of furniture and hefty books aren’t easy to move. An experienced moving company can dissemble your furnishings for you. They can also carry them to and from the moving truck without incident.

If you’re worried about incorrectly lifting and moving your heavy belongings, don’t risk the chance of an injury. Instead, look for an experienced moving company to handle the task for you.

Make sure to find a company with worker’s compensation insurance, too. If someone is injured while moving your belongings, you won’t have to worry. The company won’t hold you responsible.

Finding an insured company can give you peace of mind.

2. Protect Your Belongs

Look for a moving company that has general liability insurance as well. These companies will assure your belongings and assets are protected during the moving process.

Most companies require that you sign a contract before they begin packing and transporting your belongings. These contracts will protect your best interests if something is damaged during the move.

An experienced team will do everything they can to make sure your belongings are protected.

Otherwise, you might encounter unexpected challenges while moving on your own. If this is your first time moving cross-country, there’s a lot you won’t know to expect. For example, you might:

  • Choose a truck that’s too small to carry your belongings in a single trip
  • Damage your belongings due to poor packing or handling
  • Not have enough storage space for your belongings
  • Encounter poor weather during the trip
  • Encounter mechanical problems with the truck during the move

Look for an experienced team that can handle the situation for you. They can help ferry your belongings to your new home. An experienced team will know how to navigate these situations, ensuring a smooth move.

3. Experience and Expertise

Choosing an experienced moving company can simplify the entire moving process.

Moving requires a long list of responsibilities you’ll need to juggle before you arrive at your new home. Hiring a moving company can take one more item off your list. An experienced team can help with packing, labeling, and moving everything from one property to the next.

With their help, you can avoid multiple trips as you move to your new home. These teams will provide a truck of the proper size to simplify your entire move.

Instead of a move that takes up an entire day, they could help you condense the entire process into a few hours.

4. Peace of Mind

Moving across the country can feel stressful. You’ll have to worry about packing, labeling, getting everything into the truck, and unpacking. If everything isn’t packed correctly, your belongings could get damaged along the way.

Hiring an experienced moving company can give you peace of mind. They’ll ensure everything is organized, creating a more efficient move.

While there’s no such thing as a stress-free move, hiring a moving company could make the entire process a little easier. They can help you avoid problems along the way that might otherwise cause delays.

If you’re moving long distance, make sure to hire a professional team you can trust.

5. Save Time and Money

Planning and moving can take weeks or even months if you’re doing it alone. If you’re rushing through the process, you could make costly mistakes along the way. Remember, there’s the risk of injuries and property damage, which can cause expenses to stack up, too.

Hiring a moving company could save you time and money in the long run.

The company can pack everything for you, allowing you to focus on other tasks. For example, you might need to fill out paperwork for your new home. Maybe you need to complete a walkthrough before leaving your previous home.

You’ll also need to add transferring your TV, phone, and internet services as part of your relocation process.

While you deal with these tasks, your moving company can load up the van. You won’t have to feel mentally and physically drained, either. Instead, you’ll have enough energy to enjoy your new home once you arrive!

Consider Hiring a Moving Company for Your Next Move Today

You don’t have to handle the process of moving into a new home alone. Instead, consider hiring a moving company for your cross-country move. Leaning on their experience and expertise could streamline the process.

You can save valuable time, money, and stress, too!

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