5 Alarming Alcohol Addiction Statistics in Men


If you have a problem with alcohol, you may feel like you’re completely alone. However, that’s not the case — many men in particular struggle with alcohol. Some feel they use it too much as a coping mechanism, and others have been diagnosed with a full-blown addiction.

Education on these issues is important, as it helps bring about awareness that seeking help is a good thing.

If you’re curious about the breadth of the struggle, read on for some alcohol addiction statistics that will give you a clearer picture.

1. Men Are Twice as Likely to Binge Drink

It’s been proven that men are twice as likely to binge drink as women. That means that whether for enjoyment or stress, men will drink more in a short period of time which can cause a lot of both mental and physical problems.

Not only that, but this means they’re more likely to suffer from alcohol poisoning.

2. They Are Almost Twice as Likely to Have an Addiction

7% of men have an alcohol addiction, compared to 4% of women.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why this is with no clear answer. It seems there are many factors at play. However, if you feel you might be in this boat, it’s important to seek out men’s addiction treatment.

3. More Men Drank in the Past Month

59% of men had a drink in the past 30 days.

While this isn’t a troubling statistic on its own if alcohol is consumed sparingly and sensibly, it begs the question of why it’s so high compared to only 51% of women. This would suggest men not only drink more but drink more often.

4. 68,000 Men Die Annually Because of Alcohol

While 29,000 women die yearly because of alcohol-related problems, a horrible 68,000 men do too. This is an unthinkable number and very troubling that there’s such a difference between genders, proving that men have a very different relationship with alcohol than women.

5. Men Don’t Seek Treatment

Overall, it’s been proven that men tend not to seek treatment for mental health issues — including substance use and addiction. This means that they don’t get the help they need due to a desire and pressure from society to be seen as traditionally masculine (which means being able to solve their own problems without things like addiction treatment).

Although it’s actually a very brave thing to seek help, it’s hard to get past previously instilled ideas, and this can be very dangerous.

These Alcohol Addiction Statistics Are Telling

It’s important to pay attention to these alcohol addiction statistics. Although addiction can affect everyone, it’s particularly prominent in men, and keeping an eye on the problems can create more awareness and encourage people to seek help.

It’s never easy to take that first step, but if you manage to do it, you’ll never look back. It’s worth it.

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