3 Tips to Choose an Ideal Destination for an International Conference


How does holding an international conference in Paris sound? How about Sydney? No, London is probably the best city for hosting corporate events.

If you’re currently trying to settle on a destination for your conference, one thing is clear: there is no shortage of options. However, this doesn’t mean you randomly settle on any location.

There’s a lot that goes into choosing a conference destination than the mere reputation of a city. Keeping in mind that your choice of location will have a direct impact on the success of your conference, you have to take your time and make the best pick.

To help you do that, we are sharing important factors you ought to consider when choosing the event location.

1. Your Audience/Attendees

One of the indicators for measuring the success of a conference is the number of attendees. You certainly don’t want to plan a conference for 1,000 people only for a handful to show up.

When you’re planning an international conference, your attendees must be at the forefront of your decision-making. Because of the logistics of international travel, pick a destination that will make it easier for your invitees to attend. Consider passport and other travel requirements, as well as the costs.

Let’s say you’re an international organization with most offices in Europe and North America, it wouldn’t make much sense to pick a location that’s not on either of the two continents.

2. Access to Conferencing Facilities

To host a conference, you need an ideal venue. Of course, most popular conferencing destinations have lots of venues available for hire. Because of this, some conference planners don’t think finding a venue can be a challenge.

During busy seasons, it’s not uncommon to find the best venues fully booked. You don’t want to settle on less-than-ideal venues for an international conference. Your organization’s reputation is on the line.

Therefore, be sure to consider access to your preferred conference rooms and other facilities, such as hotels, bars, and parking, when selecting the destination. It pays to start this process several months earlier so that you can make venue bookings in good time.

3. Cost of Accommodation

Hosting an international conference costs big money, no doubt. But you don’t want to stretch your budget unnecessarily.

To ensure you stay within budget, look at the cost of accommodation in various cities before making a pick. The most popular cities have the highest rates, but it’s possible to find good deals if you’re booking several months in advance and/or hosting the event during less-busy seasons.

If your invitees will be paying for their accommodation, the need to find an affordable location becomes even more important. During harsh economic times, many invitees can turn down the opportunity if the conference is being held in cities where the cost of everything is sky-high.

Host an International Conference with Pomp and Color

Holding an international conference is serious business. Your location choice will play an important role in making the conference a success. Although you might be tempted to choose a city just for its fame and cultural allure, there are more important details to consider before making a pick.

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