3 Tips for Maintaining Your Paintball Equipment


We like paintball as much as the next person, but some people have been taking it too far lately, as there seems to be a rise in paintball-related attacks! With that in mind, there’s never been a better time to ensure you’ve got all your paintball equipment ready to go.

If you haven’t touched it in a while or have been paintballing a little too often, you might have some maintenance required. Read on for advice on getting everything looking as good as new.

1. Remember to Degas Your Marker

To save any unnecessary accidents, you will want to remove the air tank before you do anything else. It might seem unlikely, but there’s a chance you could do yourself some serious injury by fiddling around with your marker before you do this.

You aren’t quite finished even after you’ve removed the air tank. Now you’ll need to look for a way to degas the marker, which will remove any pressure stored inside it. We can’t stress how important this is.

The last thing you want to do is shoot yourself before you start cleaning!

It should be obvious how to do this, but you may wish to consult the paintball business equipment’s manufacturer instructions.

2. Purchase the Necessary Cleaning Equipment

We say purchase, but most people have these things available in their house. Since it’s easy to get your hands on and is the best way of maintaining your equipment, there’s no excuse!

There are a lot of narrow passages and awkward corners in a marker, so the first thing we’ll need is a toothbrush and some cotton swabs. There’s also the oil to keep everything moving as it should. Last but not least, get yourself some squeegees and paper towels.

3. The Miracle of Cleaning and Oiling

If you want to keep on top of your game and not lose a single match, it is vital to deconstruct your equipment and give your seals and markers a thorough oil and deep cleaning session after every game. When cleaning your equipment, warm water is your best and safest bet.

Other chemical cleaning substances can be damaging. When it comes to oiling, you will need to ensure you are not being too generous with your dosage. If you give your equipment too many oiling sessions, this can lead to malfunctions.

Since a deep clean, like this here, will involve deconstructing your equipment, you will want to look for the manufacturer’s advice on doing so. Don’t rush blindly into this, or you’ll end up in the embarrassing situation of looking for “paintball equipment near me” when yours doesn’t work anymore!

Well-Maintained Paintball Equipment Is Effective

We think it’s safe to say that the better you maintain your paintball equipment, the more effective you will be on the field. Much of the focus was on cleaning, but that’s all it takes to do some proper maintenance.

Before you go out and take your good-as-new equipment for a test run, consider stopping by our blog again. Whether it’s maintaining your marker or something else, we’re sure to have something else to interest you, so keep reading!