3 Best Herbs to Grow Indoors This Year


Are you interested in starting your own indoor herb garden? This can be a great way to allow you to get access to fresh herbs that can amplify your cooking.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to indoor herb gardening, keep reading to learn about the best herbs to grow indoors. Start with these awesome herbs that are easy to grow indoors while also adding fresh flavors to your favorite recipes.

  1. Basil

Not only is basil one of the best smelling herbs to grow indoors, but it can also be super useful and easy to maintain. This is a favorite herb for cooking. This herb needs plenty of sunlight and warmth, making it a great herb to grow on a sunny windowsill.

This herb is great for making your own homemade pesto or for adding a few chopped leaves to your favorite pasta dishes. This is an easy plant to start from seed and as long as it gets plenty of sunlight, you may expect to see growth within six weeks or less. If you want to have enough leaves for harvesting and cooking, make sure to plant multiple basil plants.

To save space indoor, you can plant multiple basil seeds in one planter. To stay bushy and fresh, you will want to prune your basil plant on a regular basis. When you prune or harvest your basil you will want to cut off full branches by cutting the stem just above the leaf.

  1. Chives

Chives are another great herb option for your indoor garden. Chives are part of the onion family and grow in clumps of hollow stems. These herbs are great for adding flavors to soups and dishes while making for great garnish for tons of meals.

This is a great option to grow on your own, as chives are best eaten when fresh, as they will have a satisfying crunchy texture. Garlic and onion chives are both some of the most popular options and you can grow both indoors. Chives can grow in full sunlight or in partial sunlight.

While you can seed chives indoors, you can not expect growth for about 90 days after planting. You can harvest chives by snipping at the base of the plant on a regular basis which will also encourage new growth.

  1. Cilantro

This herb has a very distinct flavor, making it an addition to foods that some often either love or hate. However, if you are a cilantro fan, this can be an easy herb to grow indoors. These plants tend to grow best in either full sun or partial shade.

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Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

These are some of the top three best herbs to grow indoors because they are easy to grow and are very useful when cooking. Add some life and extra flavor to our kitchen with these tips and tricks.

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