10 Reasons Why iPhone Is a Better Option for Influencers


Statistically, iPhones are one of the most popular brands among influencers. And that isn’t only the result of great marketing but is of quality. Although a lot of flagship Androids are trying to catch up to the influencer market, Apple has been thrashing them every year with newer iPhone models.

Whether you’re someone new to the influencer industry, using other operating systems, or need to find points to argue, here are 10 reasons why the iPhone is a better option for influencers.

1. Best Camera in Mobile Segment

iPhones, inarguably, house the best cameras in the mobile industry, and their cameras are often compared to professional DSLRs. As influencers need to constantly keep generating content in the form of images and videos, iPhones have been their first choice for years.

Although the 12MP may not seem intimidating, they frequently make other devices bite the dust. Moreover, with the introduction of a 48MP primary camera in the latest iPhone 14 lineup, the competition has gone far beyond the reach of any other device.

It all comes down to the sensor size. If your device has a 128 MP camera, but the sensor size is limited to 1/2.55 inches, the low light performance, shutter speed, ISO, and almost everything will be lacking.

Imagine buying an FHD 72” TV. Due to the bigger size, the 1080P resolution can’t compensate for the larger pixels. You need at least a 4K or 8K display for a 72” to be viable. iPhones have one of the biggest sensors in the industry—making them more popular among influencers.

2. Allows to Take RAW Photos

From iPhone 12 onwards, iPhones started allowing users to take ProRaw photos from any camera on the device. This opened up a huge editing opportunity for the influencers. A RAW format allows the images to retain a great deal of information in their metadata including exposure, lighting, and white balance. Which makes it easier to edit the photos without losing any additional quality.

As an influencer, this feature is like a blessing. As you may rely on editing apps most of the time to be the best version of yourself, it’s important that the photos retain as much clarity and quality as possible.

However, since ProRaw is only available on iPhone 12 and later, to click better images consider getting an iphone 12 by trading in your current iphone with free shipping and get the best value per dollar.

As you may have noticed, Instagram and other social media platforms often reduce the image and video quality for faster load time, and to save server space, it becomes important that your photos aren’t destroyed. To ensure that, the ProRaw format allows you to non-destructively upload them to these platforms.

3. Better Brand Value

You’d often see your fellow influencers taking mirror selfies with iPhones. Although prevalent, mirror selfies aren’t as common with other brands. Moreover, having an iPhone exceptionally increases the brand value of the influencer to a great many populace—increasing revenue and content quality.

4. In-App Camera Works Better on iPhones

Every social media platform has its own camera system to add filters and effects to videos and photos. But, these camera APIs often don’t work optimally with the in-built API. The outputs from these apps often leave android users underwhelmed and disappointed.

However, with iPhones, the social media cameras communicate fluently with the iOS API—resulting in a similar image and video quality as it was taken from the main camera app. Therefore, whether you’re making content for Instagram or Spotify, you don’t need to find and upload videos from the gallery again.

5. Using Social Media is Much Better on iPhones

Despite their similarity in interfaces, social media platforms work very differently in Android and iPhone devices. Due to Swift being exceptionally powerful and iOS being consistent, the developers can employ their artistic liberty to play with the interface more fluidly than they can on Android.

In easy words, a fluid interface offers the influencers a greater experience and much less time navigating the features of the app.

6. iPhones have a Better Screen

Being an influencer often requires you to track the latest trends and news to stay updated in this highly competitive industry. With a better screen on an iPhone, you can do that better.

As you may devote most time of your day scrolling through the profiles of the competitors, you’re better off with an iPhone than cheaper Android devices.

7. iPhones Are Great for Travel Content

If you’re already in the Apple Ecosystem, you know how easy it is to transfer your files from one device to another. As a travel vlogger, you can leverage this feature to your benefit exceptionally. Take photos and videos on your iPhone, move them to the Macbook and edit more efficiently.

On Android devices, you need to upload your files to the cloud and download them again on your device to even start editing. While traveling, you may not have access to a high-speed network connection to do that.

8. Editing Is Much Easier on iPhones

If you don’t want to transfer your content to another device, that’s also fine with iPhones. They offer great versatile editing opportunities to the influencers to edit the images and videos on the phones themselves. Being as powerful as iPhones are, you won’t be limited to basic functionalities and extended rendering time while editing.

9. AirDrop is Faster

AirDrop, the proprietary file-sharing feature on iPhones, allows you to transfer images and files directly to nearby Apple devices without needing to upload them to the cloud. Androids, being diverse in hardware and customizations, can’t offer any such services. As an influencer, you can easily share your photos and videos with fellow members of the group you’re collaborating with.

10. It Doesn’t Crash Often

iOS is much more stable than Android. Although they’ve made significant improvements in the past few years, iPhones are still better. Imagine recording a 2-hour video on your device and losing it all due to an OS crash. As content is money for influencers, you can’t afford to lose it due to malfunctions.

The Bottom Line

iPhones are better options for influencers because they offer the best camera and allow taking RAW photos. They also have a better brand value and fluid interface. As an influencer, you’ll also be better off with a great screen and faster transfers of iPhones.