XAMPP Full Form: Ultimate tool for the web developers & programmer


XAMPP is an open-source cross-platform web server used by the web developer to run the various programming language on the personal computer. The XAMPP stands for Cross-platform (X), Apache Server (A), Mysql (M), PHP (P), Perl Programming Language (P).

The XAMPP is developed by Apache Friends with collaboration. It is released to the open-source platform for other users to contribute to the development and modification. The application consists of an HTTP Server, MariaDB for the database, and an Interpreter for easy use of the various programming languages.

XAMPP software is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. You can instantly download the application from the web and install it on your computer to create your web server on the local computer.

XAMPP is also known as the test platform that is widely used for testing the program on the local computer before making it lives on the web for other users. It gives the user the ability to test the program for error, fix the bugs, modify the files, and checks the compatibility of the application on the different operating systems to provide a seamless experience to the user.

What are the key highlights of the XAMPP?

XAMPP application is free and available online for easy download. Once it is installed on your computer, you can use the application to run the programing files such as PHP, Pearl, and databases including Mysql and MariaDB.

The test platform can be created on the local computer to run the various quality check before you make the application live for the user. XAMPP creates a suitable environment for the team where everyone can work together on a single application. Program the file, text in the live application, fix the bugs, and make the application ready for the web release.

Database support such as Mysql and MariaDB enhances the process of application development and allows the users to store the data using these powerful database management software.

What is XAMPP Control Panel?

Like any other software, the XAMPP also offers a control panel to manage your program. In the control panel, you can manage individual components of the software. Different modules are provided to control the active program. You can take the action according to your need. Start or Stop the specific application using the buttons.

Here are some of the control panel features that may help you to manage your application.

Config – The Config stands for configuration. It allows the users to change the configuration of the XAMPP file. When you click to Config button, the popup window will open with the predefined codes. Xampp gives you complete control to change the configuration to desire settings and enhance the performance.

NetStat – The statistic of the active program can be view using the NetStat button. It will show you comprehensive data of the background process.

Shell – Give you access to the UNIX Shell.

Explorer – Open the XAMPP folder in windows explorer.

Services – Check the services that are running in the back end.

Help – Share your issues with the online community using the help section.

Quit – When you want to exit the XAMPP, simply press the Quit button and all the background applications will be stopped and the application will be closed.

How to Use XAMPP to set up a local webserver environment to run the WordPress website?

Setting a local web server using the XAMPP is the fastest and convenient way. The local environment would permit you to run a popular script such as WordPress.

A locally-hosted WordPress script would be crucial for a WordPress development project. You do not have to rely on the hosting provider to set up WordPress.

Many developers prefer the local webserver to design, and develop the WordPress application or the themes for the new website. The local server gives the required flexibility while coding. Also, the data is rendered fast compared to the webserver.

Moreover, the developer can directly perform the programing on the server itself, which saves a good amount of time. It would give them instant results which the developer can diagnose for error and fix them immediately.

WordPress develop can complete their project in a private and secure environment. Also, the developer gets sufficient time to work on the project without depending on the hosting server access and restrictions.

Final Verdict:

Now you know the XAMPP full form and its features. The application is widely used. It has become mature in various aspects of programming. The large community is active online for support for any query you have about the XAMPP. It is open-source, so you do not need to pay for any features. XAMPP is the ultimate solution for a web programmer.