Wisesolution VPS Mexico: The Host that offers all solutions


When you launch your business website, the first thing is to find a reliable web host that provides all the exclusive solutions with their web hosting. It’s also true that millions of web host providers offer a wide range of solutions, but they either charge you more or cannot give you the highest uptime and performance.

That’s why you should choose the Wisesolution VPS Mexico that comes with independent hosting, powerful servers, dedicated resources, high caliber services, instant technical support, and much more at an affordable price.

If you want to know more about the features and services a Wisesolution VPS Mexico Hosting encompassed, you need to read this post. Let’s get started!

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS(Virtual Private Servers) is a physical web space where users can host their business website. In simple terms, it is an isolated and robust system that manages various servers from a single system. Further, as per its name – Private Servers mean all the resources belong to only a single website. None of the other sites has the power to utilize its resources, webspace, and services.

In VPS Mexico Hosting, a single and large physical server is split into multiple sub servers using the OpenVZ, i.e., Virtualization technology called “virtual servers.” Further, you will get reliable hosting packages, including all the exclusive resources such as Random Access Memory, bandwidth, disk space, storage, etc. Although all the resources are dedicated to you, expect the CPU usage.

Moreover, the VPS Hosting Mexico is categorized into two parts: Managed and Unmanaged VPS Mexico Hosting.

Types of VPS Hosting

1. Managed VPS Hosting

In Managed VPS Mexico Hosting, you are free from the hustle of server maintenance and management. This means the users who require more security features, upgraded resources, and organized hosting with little technical knowledge prefer the Managed plans. Further, all the things are managed by the web host. A few of them are listed below:

  • Initial Server Setup
  • 24/7 server monitoring
  • OS, applications, software updates
  • Install custom Security patches to secure your data
  • Data backup services.
  • Round the Clock consistent support
  • Instant problem-solving support

2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting

In unmanaged hosting, all the ownership is entirely in your hands. So, you get the power to install the custom applications on your server, remove and uninstall any software, monitor the server activities, and much more. That’s why it is called self-managed hosting. Therefore, let’s see being an owner of your website, what things you need to manage:

  • Control Panel Installations
  • Custom Software Installations
  • Custom security software installations
  • Server Management
  • Easy upgrades of Services
  • Regular Data Backups

About Wisesolution

Wisesolution is a leading and reckoned web hosting provider that provides you many reliable web hosting solutions. These solutions come with a vast range of services such as server access, security, customer support, optimal performance, and much more.

Further, the company has been awarded many awards in a short duration because of delivering these exclusive hosting services across the globe. Moreover, Wisesolution offers complete services, intense resources, and principal features, which have gained the trust of more than 10,000 users worldwide.

Features of Wisesolution VPS hosting Mexico

1. Resource Monitoring Dashboard

With the company’s VPS Server Mexico Hosting, you get the freedom to monitor all the functions and activities performed on your server. Thus, using the Resource Monitoring Dashboard, you can see how much CPU is used by which task and quickly reboot your system in one click.

2. 20X faster Server speed to boost SEO Efforts

You can enjoy the features of fast performance and super amazing server and web page load speed. This is because of using high Virtualization technology and robust hardware equipment.

3. Easy Customization

Mexico VPS hosting gives you the customization features; that’s why you can easily customize all the plans and services you want for your website.

4. Free VPS Management

The company provides you with a Free VPS Management Setup with zero investment. So, you can enjoy the benefits of instant deployment with Wisesolution.

5. Great Server Access

Server Access is one of the most crucial features that every business person needs with their hosting. Therefore, VPS Mexico provides you the complete SSH root access to operate and manage all the activities and functions on your server.

6. Instant Provisioning

You would not have to wait for your VPS Setup. Once you have done your payment process, you will get the instant setup within 60 minutes after your order processing. So, you can employ the benefits of instant provisioning.

Benefits of buying Wisesolution VPS Server Mexico

Security as a Services

Security is one of the most crucial factors for all businesses, users, individuals, etc., that hold sensitive data to protect them from various cyberattacks. Thus, VPS en Mexico provides you end to end security measures such as Advanced Encryption Standard Security, Transport Layer Security, and DDoS protection. All these security measures ensure high data protection.

Improved Performance with Guaranteed Resources

Virtual Private Servers provides you a complete package of dedicated resources that you do not have to share with any other sites and users. This means your site ultimately leverages enterprise-grade resources. This ensures optimal performance with guaranteed resources for your site.

Affordable Hosting

As the VPS Hosting Mexico Hosting gives you complete dedicated resources that all are yours. But among them, you need to share the CPU usage with your neighboring sites. This ensures the reduced cost of server hosting. Hence, making a massive investment on a Dedicated server, buying VPS Mexico Hosting is an affordable plan for your site. Further, you need to take care of the data; that’s why snapshotting and backup features come into the limelight.

Snapshotting and backups

Nothing is more daunting than your online business control is not in your hands. There are so many ways that bring your online business offline, such as unauthorized access, hackers, viruses, malware, etc. However, any suspicious activities that occur with your neighboring site also affect your site’s performance and speed. So, to protect your business from such loss, you need to choose the VPS Mexico Hosting that gives you the best backup plans. So, you can restore your data if lost accidentally.

Additional Features

Automated systems and Virtualization are the most fundamental reasons to choose the VPS de Mexico. With such upgraded and enhanced technologies, you can employ the add-on benefits of installing custom software and products on your server. Additionally, load balancer, security software, server control, and much more also in your hands.

All these reliable features you can employ with the VPS Mexico Hosting by Wisesolution. So, without getting confused, just review all the VPS plans and select the best one for your hosting.

Plans and prices


Wisesolution provides you with the best and cheap Mexico VPS Hosting plans, including VPS Linux and VPS Windows Mexico hosting. Both the plans comprise a variety of features and enterprise grade services that are discussed above. You can customize all the plans. So, check the plans and choose the best one for you.


Wisesolution VPS Mexico Hosting is the best solution for your business website. This is because it not only gives you powerful resources and industry-leading services. It also gives you more reliability, scalability, and flexibility at an affordable price. Further, the company provides you 24*7 consistent support. So, you can reach them via WhatsApp, Email, Skype, etc. Also, to know more about the web host, you can visit the official website.