Why Is Aluminum Cladding So Good?


Modern trends allow you to choose from a wide range of different materials for house cladding. Outdated in its understanding, white brick as a material practically does not bring the desired effect to anyone.

Residents are trying to make the house durable, warm and with an original shade. This dream can be realized with an aluminium composite panel in Sydney.

First of all, the aluminum cladding of the panels is a good substitute for familiar materials such as wood or cardboard. This material has several advantages:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • ease of installation due to the light weight of the material.

The aluminum cladding panels are made of extruded aluminum without any additional components. The material does not burn due to the high melting point — about 660 degrees Celsius. The aluminum sheet is powder coated, which can only smolder from direct exposure to heat. Therefore, aluminum cladding panels are popular and will be in demand in Sydney due to the climate.

However, it is very important to check before installing such panels for quality and the conditions of the norm for the region of residence, namely the safety standards in Australia. It is advisable to pass by foreign products, since they are clearly not adjusted to building codes.

There is also a composite panel cladding on the material market. A significant difference from conventional aluminum is that the panels are composed of several materials. It includes two sheets of aluminum, inside which there is a polymer or mineral layer.

First, the filler is melted in the furnace, and then a plate of a certain thickness and height is made, to which two aluminum panels are glued. On the one hand, it is an aluminum foil, on the other, the front side of the decorative aluminum layer.

What are the benefits of Aluminium composite panels in Sydney?

According to some factors, notably the London fire where composite cladding were used, the aluminum cladding panels are much safer. Many firms have moved away from the word ‘safety’ in the direction of the composite. In Australia, a proposal was made to ban the manufacture of composite panels altogether.

In addition, the very factor of insulation, with the help of which composite panels are advertised, is not worth its words. In cold and humid conditions, the use of composite and aluminum rails will not make any difference to the average customer.

A noticeable difference in price in case of an accident will play in the bad direction and it is better to immediately spend it on the aluminum version.

Thus, aluminum cladding panels have one major advantage, but beyond that can be added. As mentioned, such panels are long-lasting and can be used for ten years. They easily tolerate chemical and mechanical stress. They keep their presentation from any load, temperature and protect the house.

In the manufacture of panels, plastic is not used, everything is entirely made of aluminum. It is also easy to attach to the wall surface made of timber strips. In both versions, there is no harness and only ease of fastening. The panels are also used as additional insulation and sound insulation.