Which Silk Robes for Women Are Best?


For those who love the elegance of a freshly laundered garment, silk robes for women offer the ultimate in opulence. Ripped from its natural fiber, this delicate fabric feels luxurious against the skin and looks as stunning as it feels.

There are two main types of silk robes for women that are available to purchase – either open front or closed front. For the most formal of occasions, it is advisable to invest in a custom made robe as opposed to a ready-made option so as to ensure that your attire matches exactly what you want.

A long robe made of silk can look fabulous when worn with a tuxedo, but it may not flatter a much younger woman with short hair! It is therefore important to pay attention to the length of your dress in order to find a style that compliments your figure.

A long robe with open front is best suited to those with longer torsos. This is because it will help elongate your legs and slim your waistline, creating the illusion of a slimmer and shapelier silhouette. However, if you wish to wear a more feminine type of silk robe that hugs your body, a closed front may be the best option.

Silk robes for women are also available with either short or long sleeves. A shorter version is referred to as a kimono robe, whereas long sleeves are usually known as boho. This again is down to personal preference, but if you wish to keep things elegant, opting for the long length makes perfect sense.

However, the open front version does offer a bit of a different feel. The open front is often adorned with a tie, which can either be silk or cotton, and is tied around the neck using a simple front tie knot.

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury, a real silk robe for women is the way to go. Whilst the cost will be substantially higher than any cotton based option, you will immediately know that this is indeed the best option for making the wearer look and feel her very best.

Ono silk is still a premium fabric, and does not lose its shine and lustre like other cheaper materials such as polyester.

For those who favor a more subtle approach, there is the option of selecting a kimono robe with a floral print. This is easily obtainable in many different styles, colors and patterns. Although most are quite plain and simple in style, some do have intricate details which add to the appearance and finishing touches.

Common floral prints include cherry blossoms, mums, pretty ladies’ balloons, and lace floral prints. A word of warning, though, when selecting ono silk over cheaper fabrics, ensure that you select a design and color that suits your personal preferences. Ultimately, this should be down to personal taste and what you think looks the best.

For the more adventurous type, there is the option of opening up the sleeves or front of the garment. If you wish to show off your tattoo, go for an open front kimono robe feature, as this will allow you to display it proudly. However, it is important to note that not all silk robes feature open fronts, so if this is something that you are considering, make sure that you check out the material before you commit to buying the item.

If you are looking for a design that will allow you to open up the sleeves of the garment, choose one that features tie belts or zippers. These will allow you to take your outfit off without having to worry about untied sleeves.