What makes Spokane an impressive city to live in?


If you are pondering the idea of moving to Spokane, then you are not alone; there are hundreds of people making this same wise decision from diverse parts of the country. Let us give you some reasons which will surely make you understand what makes this city a good place to live!


The weather is usually pleasant, which is the common factor that attracts people to move here. Usually, the weather here remains around 48.05 degrees, and it goes as low as 38.5 degrees. July is known to be the hottest, hitting temperatures of 83 degrees. December is chilly, with the temperature dropping to 22 degrees. The rain pours majorly in November with a record of 2.28 inches, making it the wettest month.

This city is also free from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, thus making it a favourite destination.

Housing system

The housing system in Spokane comes with an affordable housing system. For the past 5 years, the housing market has seen an increase in value by 6 per cent. From the past two years, there has been an increase in rent rates, with an increase of over 5.9 per cent. Thus investing in real estate here is a smart idea.

Cost of living

This city comes with a low cost of living. There are a lot of job opportunities with attractive income, while gas, grocery and health care are also cheaper and affordable. Transportation is also easy on the pocket.

Employees benefit

Various benefits are provided to the employees, such as;

Vacation leave

Sick leave

Health insurance

Dental insurance

Life insurance

Disability assistance

SERS or Spokane employees retirement system


Best neighbourhood

It is essential to find a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle; this is where Spokane comes with the most diverse neighbourhoods, which will mesmerise you with its beauty.

  • Vinegar flats
  • Comstock neighbourhood
  • High drive
  • Garland
  • Corbin Park
  • Lower South Hill
  • Indian Canyon
  • Medical District
  • University District
  • Lincoln Park
  • Peaceful Valley
  • Downtown
  • Browne’s Addition
  • The South Hill
  • South Perry
  • West Central

Entertainment sources

Moving to Spokane can be entertaining; there are so many options that you can explore after busy workdays. You can easily indulge in indoor as well as outdoor activities. Here are some activities which you can explore;

  • Have a picnic at Riverfront Park
  • Indulge in some adventure at Centennial Trial
  • Do not miss Lilac Festival
  • Be ready to be mesmerised by the Architectural Beauty of St. John’s cathedral.
  • Fall in love with the beauty of Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture
  • Take a walk at Mount Spokane State Park
  • Explore Hoopfest
  • Enjoy the serenity around Spokane falls.

Education facilities

This city is considered to be one of the major educational hubs in the Northwest area. Some various schools and universities provide quality education from elementary to high school. The Spokane public school is known as the second-largest school in Washington.

Benefits of moving to Spokane.

A beautifully crafted city, Spokane comes with ample lush green space, pleasant weather and well-designed infrastructure. Here are some reasons which will make you fall in love with this city even more;

  • A well managed and planned heath system
  • Affordable commercial property
  • Full of entertaining activities
  • Weather is always pleasant
  • Wonderful wildlife habitat
  • The neighbourhood is secure and friendly
  • No occurrence of natural calamities such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes
  • Lots of museums to explore


If you are still sceptical about moving to Spokane? This city still comes with appealing infrastructure, quality education, various entertainment sources, low cost of living and high job opportunities; what more reasons do you need?